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Deals & Coupons - Earn Cash Back When You Shop.

This is a great deal on Muscle Milk~ 8% cash back too!! Use Big Crumbs when you shop online for items you'd already be shopping for anyhow!!

Deals & Coupons - Earn Cash Back When You Shop.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What a Pair Circles and Squiggles Luminary Table Lamp by Mwilson

What a Pair Circles and Squiggles Luminary Table Lamp by Mwilson

What a Pair Circles and Squiggles Luminary Table Lamp Set

What a pair!

This set would accent perfectly in a mod atmosphere, a tween room or college dorm life.

The style of this lamp shade is created from my own illustrations and artwork. It's modern, great for minimalist settings, all young at heart. Blues, black, white, green are the main colors in this design. Fun and ultimately funky call it to a tee!
The little guy is 7.5" tall and 5" in diameter
The larger lamp is 12" tall and 6" in diameter

Cords are over 7' long each
Safety Suggestions (we all have to have them :)
Light bulb: 25 watt.
Do not leave in care of little ones.
Do not leave unattended.

The last image is actually one continuous image that is printed and each shade is cut from this one film.

Luminescent Turn Up The Heat Lamp by Mwilson on Etsy

Luminescent Turn Up The Heat Lamp by Mwilson on Etsy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Son C. Wilson Just taught himself this Nickelback song.

Sale Fifteen Dollars OFFJuicy Moot Supasized Print by Mwilson

Sale Fifteen Dollars OFFJuicy Moot Supasized Print by Mwilson

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Windeers on Canvas by Mwilson on Etsy

I'm thinking this will be one of my next shade designs. The colors are pleasing enough to pal well with so many interiors. Any ideas, send'em my way. I would love to hear my readers thoughts!

Windeers on Canvas by Mwilson on Etsy

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Interview with Susan Mulcaire Author of The Middle School Student's Guide to Ruling the World!

Not long ago I had the pleasure of visiting with Susan Mulcaire, the author of The Middle School Student's Guide to Ruling the World! I admire the work Susan has done and the action she took to improve her son's ability to succeed. Great work Susan!!

Can you give my readers a synopsis of your book?

The Middle School Student's Guide to Ruling the World! is a work habits, time management and organizational skills workbook for students in grades 6-8. Text, comics and graphics tell the stories of five "chronically disorganized" middle school students who encounter humorous, but typical situations as a result of their poor organizational skills. The reader follows along with the characters, to learn practical skills and strategies for being an organized middle school student. Some of the skills addressed are how to organize your binder, use a planner, manage a group project, use a rubric, remember your stuff every day, plan a long term project, etc.

What prompted the writing of your book, or when was the moment you said to yourself" "I don't care, I'm going to do it"

My son wasn't doing very well in 6th grade. There was no issue with his ability to learn. He was a GATE student. But, he was forgetting his homework, losing worksheets, not following directions, doing the wrong homework page, etc. I was tired of nagging him about it. One day, in the middle of the usual nag session, the look on his face told me that he wasn't being lazy or irresponsible—he just had no idea how to get organized. It occurred to me that if he didn't learn how to organize now, he could possibly underachieve for the rest of his academic life. I began looking for resources to help him. I searched far and wide, but found no age appropriate resource that dealt strictly with work habits, time management and organizational skills. At that time, I was still practicing law, and it turned out that practicing law and going to middle school are remarkably similar pursuits. So, I adapted my legal case management principles to his sixth grade work load and it worked!

How is being being a middle school student like being a lawyer?

Well, in both occupations there's a lot of information and paperwork to manage. Like attorneys, students have due dates, deadlines and directions which must be followed—to the letter. Binders must be organized a certain way, both need a reliable calendaring system, and project/case planning skills. A lawyer's work is reviewed a judge. A middle student also faces a judge: The teacher!

Did you use a traditional publisher?

Initially I sent out some inquiries, but I think the concept of using comics and middle school characters to teach organizational skills was a stretch for a traditional publisher. I received some interest, but after weighing the costs and benefits of working with a traditional publisher, I knew I'd be happier self publishing.

Who was your best support during the project?

My family. There are comics and dialogue in the book, so my three kids and their friends were always coming in and reading what I wrote that day and acting out the comics. They freely offered their opinions, of course, and would "translate" the dialogue for me so it sounded more authentic for middle school.

Has this project been fuel for other projects?

Yes. I created an Instructor's Guide with sixteen lesson plans and activities for teaching organizational skills, so the program has evolved into a full curriculum. My kids, their friends and I, recorded supplemental podcasts that bring the characters to life. I'm currently working on a sequel to The Middle School Student's Guide to Ruling the World! for learning basic study skills. I also now teach the course in the Irvine Public School's ACE program.

What has been the most rewarding part of the creation process?

It's more often a lack of organizational skills that trip up a middle school student, than a lack of traditional study skills, such as note taking and test preparation. Two major reports recently confirmed that failure at the middle level can have lasting and some times irreversible consequences, and that organizational skills are essential for academic success. It's rewarding to have written a curriculum that can help address some of these issues. The curriculum has sold all over the U.S. and even overseas. The books were recently added to the recommended book list for the Dallas Independent School District, and that acknowledgment was rewarding.

What has been the most rewarding part of the promotion process?

Meeting all sorts of interesting people! I speak at conferences, PTAs and attend exhibits. I meet teachers, parents, administrators, and after school directors. They are fun to talk to and compare notes.

Was there anything you wish you'd known about becoming an author prior to beginning the book?

That marketing is a huge part of being an author. You can always be doing something to market your product. I understand that even if an author publishes with a traditional publisher, they still have to do most of their own marketing and publicity. The education market is tough in this economy. For a small publisher, breaking into the education market is difficult because it is dominated by the big publishers. Fortunately, no other publisher has a similar product.

Was this something you could work on daily? What is your day job?

Running my company, Tween Publishing, is now a full time job. The education market is somewhat seasonal. It is busiest in the spring and summer, so I hire part time employees to help in the busy months. I also have those three kids! My oldest, the one that inspired the book, is off to college next year.

Have there been surprises?

Yes. I did not expect the program to evolve into a curriculum. I originally thought of it as kind of a handbook for disorganized tweens.

What came easy to you?

Not much, but If I had to pick one thing I would say -writing. Between the kids and other obligations, I didn't have big blocks of time to sit down and write. So I'd think and plan, and play with ideas in my head before I sat down to write anything. Usually sometime around 4 a.m. - in that twilight state between being asleep and awake, I could think about the topic I was tackling and formulate an outline. By the time I got the kids off to school and found some time to write, much of it was already in my head.

Two 8.5 x 11 prints for 27.00!

It's a sale!!

For a limited time, I have marked some items down, there are some things that need to leave the nest!

My 8.5 x 11 prints are on Sale two for 27.00. This is simple, make your purchase and I'll adjust your invoice and you pay from that or I'll refund you! This is a savings of 8.00! What a deal! The Poplar print is not included in this deal.

And, I have three little birds that are sold at 12.50 each if you purchase two, they are currently sold at 20.00 for the pair and 30.00 for all three!! Woo hoo, who doesn't like a sale!

Get all three Birdie prints for Big Savings

Get all three Birdie prints for 3000 Girl Next DoorBlue by Mwilson
This listing is for all my fat bubbly birdies in a set. You'll get three images for 30.00 or two for 20.00. This is a limited time sale because I need to reduce my inventory.

The richness of the colors is best viewed in person. This was a hand drawn pen illustration, colored with the aid of my graphic program. It is printed on a special transparent paper that lends a luminous quality to this Girl Next Door. Her deep rosy colors would compliment many color schemes in a home or office.

The print is approximately 7 x 8 printed on 8.5 x 11 paper. When framing it would be best if it was mounted on white board or paper to really give the image punch.

This would make a fine gift of whimsy.

Marked 20.00 off SALE Ready to ship 200 Window Lamp by Mwilson

Yep, even this beautiful shade is Marked twenty dollars off it's original price, it is beautiful!

Ready to ship! A large Duratrans shade which is 18" in diameter and 12" tall. This listing is for the shade only. The repeated window is from my print Two Hundred: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16401951 The lamps shade style would work great in any woodland setting, for men, anyone desiring retro, camp/lodge, retro cabin styles and antique or shabby chic with a twist. The trim on this shade is a deep brown 1.5" wide and velvet. Each additional shade's trim will vary from shade to shade but promises to coordinate beautifully.

I have been working on large drum shades for quite sometime. I'm thrilled to offer this one and would love suggestions for other designs.

The colors are amazing...deep browns, an mustard ribbon of color above and below the windows, soft aquas and greens, pale yellow. The last image shows the digital file.

Marked 2000 off SALE Ready to ship 200 Window Lamp by Mwilson

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Sale Morphee Large 16 x 16 Canvas Print by Mwilson on Etsy

This was a huge hit at a recent show I had and it was difficult to keep in stock! Currently marked twenty dollars off, I must get rid of some of my inventory. Sale Morphee Large 16 x 16 Canvas Print by Mwilson on Etsy

Sale Twenty Dollars OFF Two Hundred Large Sized Print by Mwilson

What a great image and an even better sale! Check it out now! Sale Twenty Dollars OFF Two Hundred Large Sized Print by Mwilson

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Every Day Life With Five Daughters

My Beef's Bloggie, OMGEE...what a hoot!

Interview the Yvonne N. Pierre author of The Day My Soul Cried

Yvonne Pierre’s journey from the depths of despair to an awakening of soul and spirit -has been a long and difficult one.
From sexual abuse, excessive drinking, failing in school, having a child while still a teenager, unable to get a job, having a second child with Down syndrome, gaining excessive weight and allowing herself to no longer care about how she looked – the painful pattern of all types of abuse seemed endless. Until one day, when Yvonne’s soul cried. She began to see that how she perceived her life and the attitudes she had, were crippling her as much as all her bad habits and the ugly things that happened to her. The realization that through forgiveness of others and most importantly, herself, would prove to be her path to new confidence, new attitude, a joy and love of life and God, and a profound hope that by sharing her story, others may find the courage and strength to do what Yvonne has done.
Website: http://www.zyonair.com/ypierre

What prompted the writing of your book, or when was the moment you said to yourself” “I don’t care, I’m going to do it”
Mindy, there were so many times when I said this is the year. Like every New Year’s Eve when midnight strikes we say, “This is the year. I’m going to accomplish my dreams and goals this year.” I think every year, that was my resolution to go after my dreams. This year, I said, I’m not going to say it, I’m just going to do it. I needed to overcome my fears. What I realized is that the fear didn’t completely leave; I had to learn how to press forward in spite of the being afraid. This actually is where the idea for “The Day My Soul Cried” came from – figuring out why I was standing in my own way.

Did you use a traditional publisher?
Initially, I wanted to go with a traditional publisher. When I was trying to get the self-help book, Phoqus published, I went to a publisher and because I was a “no name” writer, he wanted me to remove some elements from the book and add elements he thought was a better idea. By the time he finished telling me what to take out and add it was his vision, not mine. So, I politely turned down the deal. One of the elements he wanted me to take out the book was me. He said no one would be interested in my story. I decided to study the industry and start my own independent publishing, but I placed it on hold to focus on spreading positive special needs awareness. Now, I’m pulling it all together.

Who was your best support during the project?
In addition to God, my support system has been Steffan (my significant other) and our sons – Zyair 17 and Zyon 8.

Has this project been fuel for other projects?
I think so. While developing this project, I’ve learned so much mostly about myself. Prior to doing this project and during the process of developing this project I’ve accomplished things that I had no idea that I could. Ironically, writing was one of them. In the book, I talk more about it, but one of my greatest challenges in school was reading and writing. I failed the basic entry exam for community college. Writing a book was something I NEVER thought I’d do. I’m still shocked. But to answer the question, yes. This project has giving me a new confidence to write more books and eventually publish other authors.

What has been the most rewarding part of the creation process?
I think the most rewarding part of this process is the new found confidence in my work.

What has been the most rewarding part of the promotion process?
Mindy, I absolutely love the interviews on radio, blogs, and magazine. I love connecting to the audience in hopes that someone, even if only one person is inspired by my story.

Was there anything you wish you’d known about becoming an author prior to beginning the book?
No, there were no surprises because prior to launching the book I learned as much as I can about the publishing industry. I researched online and talked to other authors about what to expect not just about the process, but also from the public, interviews, and more. I didn’t expect everything to go smoothly, but I was prepared for the surprises.

Have there been surprises?
The biggest surprise for me was the feedback; I did not expect the response that I received.

Was this something you could work on daily?
I think you have to even if it’s just for a couple hours a day, especially if you own the publishing company. There’s a lot more to publishing a book than writing it, it’s a business.

What came easy to you?
The easiest part for me was the creative and business process of developing the book and the publishing company.

Yvonne Pierre is a devoted mom of two boys, ages 17 and 8. Before becoming a mother, Yvonne always had a passion for developing works in the entertainment industry – film, books, and projects – that empower others. After her youngest son was born and was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, she redirected her attention and primary efforts toward the special needs community. She is in the process of developing new projects that will empower the special needs community here and abroad. Yvonne is the founder of Have Ya Heard (HYH), an online community and e-magazine whose primary focus is to highlights the accomplishments of those with special needs. She is the founder of a publishing company, Zyonair’s Unlimited, LLC named after her two sons.

Yvonne holds two associate degrees in Accounting and Business Management, a BSBA in Marketing, and currently working on her Executive MBA.

In addition, Yvonne is also a radio personality on her own show – The Yvonne Pierre Show – hosted on BlogTalkRadio. It’s an on-demand talk radio show dedicated to informing and inspiring listeners on topics ranging from self-improvement to parenting a special needs child.

Yvonne Pierre is a momtrepreneur, postgraduate student, advocate, on-air personality, and now author of The Day My Soul Cried. Yvonne currently resides in Metro Atlanta with Steffan, her significant other of 11-years and two sons, Zyair and Zyon.

The Day My Soul Cried is also available at Amazon.

Thank you so much Yvonne for taking time to visit with me, I hope you have great success in your book writing adventures. For someone to use turn their life around in such a positive way such as what you have done, you must look back and know you have the power to do anything you want. Great job! You have achieved a beautiful success in your life~ congratulations!

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What Every Woman Should have!

Please take a moment to view this wonderful video that my friend Yana Berlin created to feature one of her favorite things, Scentsy Warmers! I would love your comments too.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Natures Haven Warmer for May~ order for Mother's day

Welcome the sweetness of spring finches with Nature's Haven. A creamy base with a low-sheen finish is embossed with newly budding branches, delicate leaves and gracefully poised birds that encircle the base. Awash with pastel tones of pale green, yellow and fawn, this hand-painted spring scene has the appearance of watercolors. Sitting atop the base, a cleverly designed dish shaped like a nest is visited by a single finch, ready to alight ? or perhaps take flight. Perfect for family rooms, master bedrooms or baths, Nature's Haven invites spring into your home in the most cheerful way.

How about some Just Peachy, Ginger Scent? Warmin' on a spring afternoon: Mouthwatering peaches, apricots, and nectarines, infused with the essence of ginger.
or try the
Havana Cabana Scent
Luscious medley of pineapples, oranges, bananas and berries.

Perhaps a little plug-in in the laundry room with
Clarity Scent would do just the trick to perk things up!
4.50 this month! (usually 5.00 for each bar)
Awaken the senses and uplift the spirit with this invigorating blend of rosemary, thyme, citron leaves, and freshly squeezed lemon. Clarity brings back memories of dewy herb gardens on bright May mornings.

What is a multi-pack? It is a great way to save on your products from Scentsy!

Full size system: One full size warmer and three scents 40.00 plus shipping to your door~

Scentsy Plug-in system: Gives you one plug-in and three scents for 25.00 plus shipping to your door.

Look around for the right multi-pack for you or ask me, I'd love to help~ Scentsy is a great way to spruce up your atmosphere, fast in just minutes your home will be filled with great scents!

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20% of April's Scentsy Sales -Going to the Susan G. Koman Race for The Cure

My friend Coralee Flug is a personal friend of Jennifer Wealer, who's fighting her second round of breast Cancer. Her drive to fund raise comes from love and a web of people stretching across at least two countries.

Coralee’s fundraiser will continue through the entire month of April ‘2010 and can
be found here: http://mindywilson.scentsy.us 20% of the sales will be contributed to the cause. When you purchase Scentsy wickless candles through site only each purchase will devote funds toward Jennifer’s Army of Angels and the cure of breast cancer. You may use the party link or you may purchase as you would normally and send a note to me at mwilson@blackfoot.net then mention you have participated in the fundraiser with your name used to purchase. Coralee had the opportunity to visit with Jennifer prior to beginning our fundraiser to give us a glimpse of what she has experienced and why this fundraiser is so important to her. (Please note that Jennifer is raising funds through the Susan G. Koman 3-Day for the Cure and Coralee is hosting a fundraiser via my Scentsy products. All in support of the breast cancer cure.

Between Coralee and Jennifer Wealer a personal snip-it without editing:

When were you diagnosed?
July ‘06 & Dec ‘08 how old were you? 30/32

Tell us about your family.
I am married to my husband of 11 years, Joel. And we have 3 beautiful babies—7 yr old Jackie, 5 yr old Josie Mae, 2 yr old Jamison.

Did you find the lump in a self-exam? What advice would you give about self exams and Mammograms.

My lump, both times, were found by self exam. I believe that self exams are crucial bc we know our own bodies better than anyone else. I think we have to be in control of our care of our bodies as well. When we feel like something is not right, we have the right to care to assure ourselves it’s nothing.

Did you have family history? no

How did you feel when you found out? complete shock. at the time of my first diagnosis i was in complete shock—i had a 3 yr old & 18 mo old at home. i just wanted all the info i could get my hands on to make it go away asap. the recurrence made me angry, but also exausted bc i knew what it took to fight the first time and wasn’t sure i could do it again.

Why do you walk? my girls...i NEVER want to be on the other side with my girls. i don’t wish the pain & struggle on anyone, but especially my babies. i have had 7 surgeries—3 required a week in the hospital each—and i still have at least 1 more surgery to go. i don’t want ANYONE to experience that pain. i want to find a cure—i want to take the pain option away from all women!


*From Mindy*
Wow, that says a lot. From a mother’s perspective, what would you do? So, what can I say about Scentsy to get some of you to participate in the fundraiser? If you haven’t yet tried and you already love candles, you’ll love them. Scentsy wickless candles are safe around kids and pets, there is no open flame to knock over or forget to blow out. The scented wax is warmed from the heat a low wattage bulb- releasing the scent minutes after turning on your warmer. There are over eighty scents to choose from and numerous styles of warmers to fit a multitude of d?cor. I have enjoyed Scentsy in my home for four years and began selling Scentsy as a way to save for college for my children, and it’s working! I’m completely addicted and cannot say enough about the products. However, this month earnings will be sent to Jennifer’s Army of Angles. If you have any questions about Scentsy please ask! My Email: mwilson@blackfoot.net If you have desires of joining Scentsy please send me a note or click ‘join’ at the bottom of my website: http://mindywilson.scentsy.us Thank you so much for your time! Mindy Wilson http://mwilson.etsy.com My funky artwork http://mindywilson.scentsy.us

Get to know Coralee Flug : http://flavors.me/coraleef

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Guest Blogger Cristina Corral for Pure Skin Junkie!

Please read and comment and give a special welcome to my friend Cristina Corral owner of Pure Skin Junkie
Cristina is a mother of three, a skin care product developer as well as esthetician. Herline is titled: Pure Skin Junkie and it is an all natural, highly effective skin care line which treats acne, photodamage (aging), hyperpigmentation (brown spots), Rosacea and overall skin care health without irritating the skin! Pure Skin Junkie is paraben free, SLS free, no colors or fragrances! Just 100% RAW ingredients for effective results!

Best Form of Vitamin A for the Skin

Retinaldehyde is the most exciting and well researched carotinoid (vitamina a) ingredient on the market today! For years is has been researched and applauded as one of the most active ingredients in the skin but has been too expensive to use in skin care products. Through our unique lab technology, we are able to bring to to market a patent pending liposome coated Retinaldehyde.

In our bodies we convert Beta-Carotene into Retinol, Retinol into Retinaldehyde, and then Retinaldehyde into Retinoic Acid (Retin A tm). All of these retinoids have important and proven activity in the skin in an escalating level from Beta-Carotene to Retinoic Acid, respectively. Retinoic Acid is the only retinoid that requires a prescription even though Retinaldehyde has a similar activity level. Both Retinoic Acid and Retinaldehyde are substantially more active (500 times more!) than their Vitamin A counterparts which means we can use smaller amounts to achieve desired results. The importance of this will be explained shortly.

All of the retinoids have a tough time penetrating through the epidermis because of their large particle size. One study showed that only of a topically applied retinol penetrated through the upper barrier of the skin. Therefore, to have an effect on the dermis, larger volumes are often required. Unfortunately, that means that 98 of those larger volumes of retinol are sitting on top of the skin doing nothing but working against you by irritating and over-exfoliating. The advantage of using Retinaldehyde or Retinoic Acid is that smaller amounts, with much higher activity levels, can be used very effectively.

Retinoic Acid and all retinoids are most effective in their “all-trans” configuration and that is how most Retin A™ is delivered.....The bad new is that “all-trans” retinols are significantly more expensive and by law are identified on the labels are “all-trans“....(not L-retinol AGP, Retinyl Palmitate, Retinol/Vitamin A) The other bad news is that All-trans Retinol has a defect in its methodology...

Once the skin converts Retinaldehyde to Retinoic Acid, it cannot be reconverted to a form of Vitamin A that can be stored in the skin! That is why the skin converts only enough to perform the desired function and leaves the rest in the skin’s storage units in forms of Retinaldehyde and/or Retinol.

If you apply topical Retin A™, the skin cannot shut it off which results in two things; irritation from over-stimulation and over-exfoliation and a probability for the Retinoic Acid receptors to down regulate. All-trans Retinoic Acid has, by far, the most receptors of any retinoids and that is what makes it so potent. However, chronic stimulation (as in the case for every receptor in the body), results in fewer active receptors and thus diminished results over time.

All-trans Retinaldehyde is the best form possible from the above listed retinoids. In addition to having its own receptor activity, it is the immediate precursor of Retinoic Acid so the skin will convert a significant amount to that form upon application. The good news is that there will never be an over-stimulation problem because the skin regulates that conversion and uses just what it needs.

Research has repeatedly shown that Retinaldehyde has a similar activity profile to Retin A™ but with much less irritation. (practically none) That is way Retinaldehyde is safe to be used while going into the sun. It does not make the skin photosensitive like Retin A™ does. It’s also safe to use on a daily basis, again, with no side effects such as peeling or flaking skin.

If a person has discontinued the use of Vitamin A products like Retinol, Retinyl Palmatate or Retin A because the product was either non-effective OR just too irritating, they will not experience that problem using Retinaldehyde. It is the single more active, result oriented carotinoid (vit. A) with out irritating side effects!

Pure Skin Solutions’ line Pure Skin Junkie Treat Serums uses a proprietary Liposome Coated Retinaldehyde for quick penetration, dermal remodeling and little to no irritating side effects such as inflammation, peeling or flaking skin!

Organo Gold is Healthy Coffee~ a visit with Donna Abrams

I was very curious about Donna Abrams coffee and I took her advice and asked her to send me some! I must admit I love the taste of her coffees! I cannot tell them from my favorites! And to think, there is mushrooms in them? I know I’ve just simplified and I wanted Donna to tell us more.

From Donna Abrams:
The business I’m in, the coffee I drink. Organo Gold is the healthy coffee alternative. We have:
King of Coffee=Spore powder extract
Latte=Cream & sugar
Mocha=chocolate lover’s delight
Hot Chocolate=designed with children in mind
Green Tea Capsules
Soap=helps promote healthy skin(rashes,psoriasis)

All our products are infused with “Ganoderma” a reishi mushroom that has been grown in Asia for more than 4000 years. Known for it’s medicinal properties the Kings grew it for themselves knowing that it increased their life span. We encourage consumers to research Ganoderma for themselves. The taste is great! We have mixers to introduce the products to the public because the mushrooms once infused is odorless, tasteless and invisible. The health benefits are many: it boosts your immune system, increases your quality of sleep, affects weight loss and overall health. Don’t take my word for it try it for yourself!
www.divaliciouscoffee.com...this is my website for ordering or joining my business team. To get samples send in your address and I will send you some.

Donna can you tell me how you discovered your products?
Organo Gold was introduced to me by a long time friend Alisa Boutte at what we call a CJM (Coffee & Jazz Mixer). This is an opportunity to taste our products and hear the business plan.

What was the biggest attraction?

The biggest attraction for me was the health benefits that could be experienced by consuming an organic beverage.

What are some of the health benefits that you’ve noticed?

The first noticeable change was in my sleep habits you see I had insomnia issues and now I rest quite well and my night sweats have ceased. Lastly, after drinking the products for 2 months I was able to stop taking my high blood pressure medicine and yes I consulted my doctor before, during and after. There are so many personal testimonies from weight loss to cancers cured. You have to try it to join the parade.

I’m seemingly so impressed by the coffee products but there are more! Can you share with my readers what else you have to offer?

Besides the coffees, we also carry green tea and hot chocolate. For the consumer who just wants to get the power of Ganoderma without the beverages we have capsules and we’ve also introduced soap to our line of products for people with skin issues like psoriasis or general rashes.

Thanks so much Donna for sharing something about your product with my readers!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Come and please comment!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Some Mom's and I were talking

So, I was talking with some other moms...and we concluded our son's gym bags stink...I mean really, really smell. I cleaned out my son's washed everything cleaned the inside of the bag and placed one of my Scentsy travel tins inside. In a day, what a difference it made~ wow! Not, the cure-all mind you. But, it made a fantastic difference. I chose clean breeze. It's nice!! Try it! And, better yet...this month (FEB '10) your purchases are 10% off! Many of the combined packages are not 105 off as it is already a savings but this one is! And so are the 3 packs of scents, 6 packs of scents, 6 packs of car candles (car fresheners) and 6 pack of room sprays (makes a great little gift with a card!)

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Earlier Front Page Glory~

This beauty was shown on the front page of Etsy just about one week ago~

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Made the Front Page of Etsy This Morning~

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New Features Offered!

I'm getting asked more and more frequently.....So I'll soon offer book and product reviews as well as affordable advertising on my blog. If you have an interest in something please send me a note! mwilsonatblackfootdotnet

I Love My Pet Scentsy Warmer for February 2010

Take a look a the new warmer for February! It's aSweet little thing!

On sale now at 10% off during February along with Vanilla Suede the new scent. Let me know if you'd like a sample!

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Living a Handmade Life --Feature!

Thank you so much for including me along with these little arty beauties, Teri!!

Some Great Sugar Cookies

Made Sugar Cookies yesterday with another mom's recipe! Shhh!! Check them out! Very sweet!

All Scentsy FALL/WINTER 10% OFF

You are going to want to stock up on scents this month~ all products from my entire FALL/WINTER catalog are 10% off. This saving s adds up quickly and in the end you 'll be glad you have more fabulous scents to choose from, having spent a little less along the way. If you have a favorite scent and are worried it may be discontinued in the next catalog coming in March, I'd would order a brick now, really. It's one pound of your favorite scent at 18.00 with no worries of running out any time soon. I'll be sure to order myself a Sunkissed Citrus!

Full sized warmers--now 27.00

Mid sized warmers --22.50
Plug-In styled warmers 13.50

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Evro's Luminescent Lamp READY TO SHIP

A perfect selection for anyone loving warm hues, earthy designs and luminescent lighting.

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What Goes Into a Handbag--Meet Creator JennJohn

How did you choose your patterns for your products?

I had my husband reverse engineer a handbag he bought for me when I discovered it felt like parts I could buy at the local craft shop. I made a handbag for my sister in law with that pattern for her birthday and quickly depleted all of my Interior Design fabric samples to make several more for friends and family. Then I found a necktie messenger bag pattern on a D.I.Y. website. I loved the different colors, patterns and textures incorporated into one bag. I started massing neckties by the hundreds and was creating necktie handbags as fast as I could to fill orders. Then something strange happened...the season changed. I was left with hundreds of dark colored neckties because my customers were now interested in lighter, brighter colored bags. I sat down at the drawing table and designed a pattern that still used the shape of the neckties but could take advantage of fabrics again instead of neckties. Viola! I created the pattern that I use now. As the fashion trends have changed over the years so have my patterns for my sizes and styles. Now my large hobos are my best sellers. By popular request I am returning to the necktie bags soon... Tiedcottage will house my one-of-a-kind necktie handbags...stay tuned!a>

Beyond your lovely fabric choices and quality craftsmanship~ what do you see as making your purses special?

I build each of my color schemes for my handbags as I would design a room, house or business for one of my Interior Design clients. I utilize the principles and elements of design, (such as texture, scale, color, form, light and space), to achieve the look and feel of each of my bags. I like to think of my handbags as professionally designed spaces or rooms for on the go.

Have you always sewn?

No, not always, I was too busy painting or drawing. I learned the sewing basics at an early age by watching my mother sew small projects. I never really found a need to sew and did not develop it until later in my life. The sewing process seemed to take too long, I used to be so impatient. Can you believe I actually stapled together Christmas stockings one year instead of sewing them? Oh the horror!

I'm someone who doesn't REAllY sew, I'm enchanted by the process and admire those that do~ but I don't know if I have it in me. Though I have made many elastic waist skirts from pieces of aged curtains and vintage fabrics...and have designed my own fabric too!
I have learned that many quilters and seamstresses are artists in other ways. Do you feel that's you?

Absolutely! I love the design process the most, not the sewing. The design is the part I crave, hunting for the fabrics. Sewing it all together and selling it in the form of handbags is really a cover to fund my fabric addiction. When friends and family found out about my sewing ambitions I was plagued with alterations, outfit and drapery making requests. I politely tell people I sew very well in straight lines, that's it. That is truly all I have in me for the sewing process, straight lines for handbags.

Are you able to sew each day?

For the last year I have. I have to, my business demands it. (congratulations!! woo hoo!)

When is your magic hour to create?

It has taken several years for me to admit this to such a large forum, but I am a recovering night owl. I really love the serenity the night time provides. Not too mention, it is almost impossible to completely recover from the schedule of several years or bartending...

Did you grow up around creative parents?

I have very creative parents. My mom made me "over the top" birthday cakes every year. Her cakes were better than the presents I would receive. She was always crafting Christmas ornaments, bedroom decorations and toys for me too. She was the one that taught me the value of a one of a kind handmade creation and making something out of nothing. I don't think she ever had the luxury of buying new pieces and parts, they were always found or donated. I remember my dad making pretzels, wine, seashell mirrors and leather flipflops and belts all within a years time. He was the one who taught me one creative outlet is NEVER enough.

Personally, I find it difficult to place a lot of my own artwork around me. I have a few pieces up but not many. And I have loads of stationery around ( I don't seem to list within my own shop) But, I rarely use it. When I do...I feel like I have stumbled upon a real treat! (yeah I'm a nerd) How many of your own purses do you have?

That's a great question...not as many as you would think. My personal handbags do not stay mine for long...my family has a way of confiscating them from me, which is fine because that gives me the chance to advertise another color scheme. I have also had people literally buy the bag off my back! On several occasions I was left with a brown paper bag full of my belongings. True story! Otherwise I am surrounded by several of my other creations, paintings, furniture, draperies, lamps, recovered chairs and sofa makeovers, seashell mirrors, and other colorful random repurposed and redesigned items.

Do you have a favorite color combination right now?

I can't say I have a favorite color combination at any moment, because I love ALL colors! I can't just pick one. It is more about the fabric combinations for me. For instance, I am gearing up for a "Worldwide Tour" with my handbags and I am collecting fabrics from all around the world. I am in love with fabric from India! I have always been enamored by crewel embroidery, the texture, patterns and colors are fantastic! I used to cross stitch and really appreciate the amount of devotion each piece takes. So I am really excited about the opportunity to use these foreign fabrics in concert with staples like linen and denim to create some gorgeous one-of-a-kind handbags.

Are you seeking the next fashion trends for inspiration?

I watch the trends for size more than anything. Size does matter, lol! I was right on track with the "colors of the season" for some time and they were never the big sellers. Ultimately people buy what they love regardless of what the magazines tell us to..my fabric shopping trips are no different, I buy what I love. I just cross my fingers everyone else loves them too.

I would like to take this time to share Jenn's links~ please take time to get to know her!

Jenn's Etsy shop, , Jenn's blog and Jenn's website . I am concentrating on my Etsy shop more than my other sites...they have a much bigger advertising budget than me :)

What are a few of your favorite online stops during the day or week?

I can not live without: Craftcult
It is a great tool for anyone who sells on Etsy.

And another Etsy related favorite: Craftopolis

It is all about the great Treasury Lists on Etsy. Making Treasury Lists is newest passion, it is a great way to showcase other artists on Etsy while exercising my graphic design muscles.

Jenn, let's talk about the names of unique names chosen for your handbags!

People always ask about the names of my handbags...I started bartending again part time after staying home with my newborn daughter for six months exclusively. I felt the need to communicate with adults and loved the opportunity to make money while doing so. It was about that time that my handbags really started to gain attention. I was getting requests for catalogs and websites and just MORE! So that is when I really put all my efforts into a "made to order" operation. I complied several color schemes and referred to them as "tans," "browns," "greens," etc. I got really confusing, really fast! I was lamenting over it one night while the bar was slow, I was watching a electrician put in our new fabulous drop pendant lights over the bar counter. I will never forget when the narrow spotlight from the pendants magically illuminated an Apple Martini I had just made a customer. That was my "A HA!" moment! How beautiful the green from the drink was against the dark granite surface, it was sparkling and glowong just like a green sequin fabric I used in a bag...APPLE MARTINI! That's it! I'll name my bags after drinks! My bar customers loved it of course, they were my biggest fans! It was so easy from there to give all my color schemes names, Cosmopolitan for the "pinks," White Russian for the "tans" and the rest just followed. I know hundreds of drink recipes and there will always be hundreds or thousands more to choose from.

Jenn, can you tell me: what would you be doing if you weren't sewing and selling handbags?

Besides returning to Interior Design, I really would love to make custom cakes. There has been an overwhelming popularity for cake making in the last couple of years and I hate to be so unoriginal, but I have always been surrounded by great cakes! Cake making is another passion of mine. I have brought tears to peoples eyes with some of my custom cake creations for their special day. I know my husband's engineering mind teamed up with my design skills and pastry know how could create a fantastic business using fondant and icing!

Above you'll find a few of my favorites, I did not realize that they are each Jenn's pleated bag design! But, I love them and here are the links to them shown from top to bottom.

MOCHABERRY LATTE / large pleated hobo

GREEN ICED TEA / small pleated hobo

GIRLIE MARTINI / small pleated hobo

Jenn~ thank you for taking time to share yourself with my readers!
Thank you Mindy for your interest in jennjohn!

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Evro's Neighbor Large Print by Mwilson on Etsy

Free shipping through the 31st of January for items shipping to the USA. Exclusions are wedding items,lamp products and fabric.

Evro's Neighbor Large Print by Mwilson on Etsy

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Random Images from my own shoppie

Some items from my recent Etsy Faves

Monday, January 04, 2010

Online Workout?

Okay, so for the last twenty minutes or so I enjoyed a bit of exercise with some videos from Slimtree.com Crazy? Whatever, it got me moving and I'll try some more tomorrow without sound so that my family can continue to sleep while I try to burn off fudge and sugar cookies.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Meet Author Jennifer Greenleaf!

Maine Living: One Writer's Perspective:

Can you give my readers a synopsis?
This book is a compilation of articles I wrote in 2001 that have since grown stale on the Internet. My goal: gather them all up, and breath new life into them. I wanted to give my readers a glimpse into what it's like to live in this great State of Maine from "one writer's perspective." Readers will walk away with information, bits of history, entertainment, and diary-style writing.

You have several titles, Jenn what made this one special for you?
This particular title is special for me because each piece of writing featured in this text was written as events were unfolding in my life, as I wanted to learn new things, and as I experienced new things. I was a young mother, so each piece of writing also holds memories of what I was doing and how I was caring for my children at the time.

What were some of your biggest challenges while writing Maine Living?
When these pieces were originally written, I was living in a small duplex in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. While it's a beautiful area filled with excellent touristy things to do, it's a difficult place for locals to live "off season." We experienced a lot of power-outages from ice storms, we had to do a lot of walking with babies in strollers because our car was unreliable, and things like that. Each time I sat down to write, I used those challenges to fuel whatever I planned to complete that day.

After the project's completion, did you think later about something you should have included?
I should've done more town and city features because there are a lot of interesting and unheard of corners in Maine that deserve some attention.
Who is your biggest cheerleader?
My children! They want to bring my books in to show their classes during "sharing time" and "show 'n tell."

What blogs do you like to read?
My list is lengthy, so I'll give you the short and sweet version:

Were your parents creative types as well?
My mother used to be a "crafter" and worked the Maine Made Craft shows. My father used to be a computer science teacher, but he liked to draw when he was very young.

We know what you do well; what is something you struggle with?
Time management is my biggest hiccup right now. I find myself focusing on doing things for others or for the household during the majority of the day, which ultimately leads to very little writing time. This is a problem I'm consistently working toward fixing, though.

Jenn has a busy life as a mother of two, a stepmother to one, and soon will be a "kitty mommy" of three kittens!

She adds: My family inspires the majority of my writing and book ideas, which is such a gratifying feeling. Each time I hold a copy of one of my books, or see something published online, I can't help thinking, "I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this if it wasn't for them."

Please ask for Jenn's books at your library, and visit her sites to learn more about this hard working and creative lady!

Jenn's Facebook Fan page

Side Note: Check back in the next few weeks to learn a little something about one of this author's other titles.

101 Mixed-Media Art Projects, How-To's & Ideas: A Beginner's Guide to Art With No Rules!

Writing Blog:
12 Publications in 12 Months Blog:
Happy 2010 Jenn~ I'm wishing you great success!

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