Friday, August 17, 2007

The Groovy Fish Tank-Small

Details about this strappy tank are within the link of the title of this posting, I also created some flat cards with the same ink on saffron colored heavy cardstock. They look fantastic, I can't wait to list those too!

Funky Fishies on Brown

I have been dreaming of this little fishy for weeks! You may see the details about this shirt using the link within the title of the posting. I used a recycled (perfect shape) Old Navy brown tee and pewter ink for the fishies....I so heart this shirt, but it is just too tiny for me!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Carnival Heat Funky Print On Canvas

I so hearted making this print. This is a digital image created with all of my own photos and illustrations. What fun.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Nice Rack Distressed Lion Print

Did I step too far? I think this is just a hoot. I can't help that I have this odd sense of humor.

Not feeling like your 'ole self? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Feeling confused or off? This guy can relate!

Fresh doggie Illustration!

I'm illustrating a book for a journalist in SF, Ca. She's amazing to work with and I can't wait to see the finished product. (as I'm sure she's feeling right now because she's waiting on ME!) YIKES. I won't disclose much about the book here and right now, but it has been a blast. This was just a quick scan~ ah yeah it's a little early for brandy. I don't think he minds though!

I love Canvas!

I want to print all my images on it. It's so beautiful! I swear that it's indestructible too! I am beginning to list many of my prints on canvas it is so lovely and seems to add another dimension to my images. (odd and funky as they are)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jelly Bean Soup Funky Print

I really like the background in this image, I would love to concoct a card and stationery design from this. This image is printed on canvas. More information is here but contact me if something was missing!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

tooting my own horn!

I am actually in six treasuries on Etsy right now. I can't believe it, how cool!
Here's one of them by knots
She's one fabulous artist on etsy. Selling terrific handmade jewelry. It's really cool-take a look!!

Here is another one!
Raspberry Mocha Treasury Theme by Woodcraftsandcandles


Here is another image to add to my new series of altered photos. I would like to come up with ways to sell either packs or separate transparencies to altered artists for collages, greetings and books. I'm just not sure how I'd like to do it. But, I'm working on it.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What These Windeers Captured Print

How many figures passed these windows? How many sunny days and stormy nights have been watched through them? For moments they held the view of many and the window themselves became a frame for who may have passed in front of them. I'd like an album of the images captured by these windows during their first year and the last year when people lived in this home.

My technique uses a fair amount of design work, in my opinion...I guess some may disagree!

A Molting Progression

Beautiful walls that listened to the joys and sorrows of many families that came and went year after year.

Perhaps the walls are heavy with conversation, I mean how much can a wall hold? (What a relief if those walls could speak)
Beautiful walls that listened to the joys and sorrows of many families that came and went year after year.

Perhaps the walls are heavy with conversation, I mean how much can a wall hold? (What a relief if those walls could speak)

I see this as A Molting Progression of wall papers and paints, a door beyond a door, conversations no longer held but peeling at the weight of it all. Learn more about this print by clicking the title above.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Sending Promo? Do it Better!

I'm so glad to be a part of Natasha's Leads. My mailing list is outstanding and I'm gaining a stronger customer base because of it. I purchased my contacts from Natasha, and they couldn't be better. I have never had one returned e-mail when I've sent out my e-newsletters! Not one! I know it's common but I have used these for months and I must say they are as good as gold. Which brings me to the second benefit of joining this affiliate. I'm gaining cash from sharing this link on my site as well as sharing it with others that have any product to sell or business, home or otherwise. At this point it might not be a ton, but it is true cash of the spendable kind and I have done little and still earned it. I can't be more honest than that. So check it out if you have a product you are selling or need to promote yourself give this a try in a few months, I have noticed a big difference in my sales and views to my products.

Forgotten Fave--Stationery Mini Pack

I so heart these stationery packs! I was putting together about 20 of my monkey stuff
stationery packs last night and it made me think about how much I love assembling these packages!! I decided to re-list a few of my stationery packs this am on Etsy!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Extra Spry Morteeny Supasized Print

This large print is 16" Wide and 20" Tall. Some icy colored hues tangled up with some of Morteeny's rustic branches. Leaving viewers to stare deeper into it's twisted design.

Juicy Moot Supasized Print

Juicy Moot Supasized Print is smokin' at 20" wide and 16" tall. Nothing else will bring the sunshine in.(except the sun, of course...) Other than that this is it! Pure cheery delightfulness spread across your wall.Heavily distressed markings and an extremely different patterned treatment assure this piece of art is unique.Images are created by using photos,illustrations and a manipulation of images with a graphics program.Image is printed on fine heavy matte finish paper~ to last for years and years to come!

New Release!

My dear friend Mari has just had her book published : Sleepy Sun!

What's already been said about Sleepy Sun:
"This magical book gives children a new perspective on nighttime. -As educational as it is enchanting." Ellen Tanner Marsh --New York Times Bestselling Author Review

Sleepy Sun is an instant classic! Sleepy Sun is a beautiful and imaginative bedtime story beloved by children everywhere. With vivid illustrations, this engaging poetic adventure allows children to follow the sun throughout its busy day. It shines on snow capped mountains, heats up the scenic desert, and brightens a lively city... The sun entertains while visiting places all over the world! When the sun's day is finished, it is time to gently go to sleep.

Readers can learn much more about Marie, or Sleepy Sun:

Mari has been so busy with her promotion work that it was a little difficult to get much out of her! However, I was able to get a little out of her.
Mari you tell me something about your writing habits?

I tend to write by hand and put it in the computer later! I have FILES of children's stories, novels and movie scripts. I tend to bounce around between them... I work on one for a while, or research an idea, and then move back to a different project. I don't know how effective that is, but suits my creative nature. I use my imagination for the fun of it!

I just want to say thank you to Mari for sharing a bit about her project and new book with us and wish her the best. If anyone has questions or are interested in the book please check out her site above and please request Sleepy Sun from your library and favorite books stores too!

Fabulously Designed Deer Antler Lamp

My 15 year old son made this fabulous antler lamp. It is such a beauty! Made from 100% Natural antlers not forms, drops found in the wilderness of Montana Mountains
I'm so proud and excited!