Sunday, June 21, 2009

Molting Progression-small Print

This print continues to gain much attention.
Print: 17.50 8.5 x 11

Silk Screened Birdy Recipe Cards

My friend Denise suggested that I create some recipe cards. I'm glad she did, these just make me smile. A set of eight hand printed recipe cards, a place for the secrets for your best recipes on the front and back of each 4 x 6 card. Printed on 100% recycled Wausau paper in driftwood with aqua ink...lovely to give to the new bride with some of your favorite recipes. Created with my little gocco.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exclusive Groovy Tropics Cotton Fabric

Order as much as you like this is limited and it is only available with Groovy Inclinations Wow, this is a large print. each flower measures 5.5 x 5 at it's largest points, the leaves are 5.5 inches long as well. What gorgeous curtains it would make it a white room....

You can purchase this fabric right here:
One yard: 23.00

Two Yards 46.00

Three Yards:69.00

More and More Fabric!

Cowie and Friends Rattle Fabric

I am beginning to wonder if I should have two Etsy shops. I have so many fabric designs and it's beginning to clutter up my art print shop. I need some opinions! I had worked as a textile designer for just about one year and I have decided to let some of my little babies go on to new homes and projects. here is one that I modified somewhat from it's original format. I think it would make fun wrapping paper too. Cowie and Friends Rattle Fabric is only available in my shop :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

One R Two

Currently one of my faves in my shoppie, I'll be shipping a canvas print to Washington tomorrow. One of my customers from The Farm Chick show in Spokane, Wa. purchased the print. It's been drying and now ready to ship. It looks beautiful!
Print: 8.5 x 11 17.50

Groovy Inclinations Tiny Purse

Created from my very own fabric designs this tiny little purse can be made from any one of my fabrics, shown here in my poplar print. Each is made upon order so please allow 7-10 days prior to your shipment. (though assembly is going quite speedy!!) This little baby will hold my fave lip gloss, some cash and my business cards too. It's 3.5" x 5". Please remember that this is the only place my fabric can be purchased so you will have something very unique!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Yard Orange Flo Original CottonFabric LG

Okay...another fabric listed in my shoppie! I love this stuff~ it's bright and sunny and goes with so many styles! This listing is for one yard...order what you please! Just send me a convo through Etsy!

New Fabric Listed and More to Come!

Ruby and Turquoise Luminescent Lamp

Entire lamp is 12" tall with a 9.5" shade created from my own textile design and printed on back lit film. Create a soothing ambiance with this soft lighting alternative. Add to an entry way, a guest room or bedroom or a corner in your kitchen. It's amazing how one fixture can change the look of a room!

Hues are soft blues grey and ruby. See the print here:
Cord is over 7' long.

Safety Suggestions (we all have to have them :)
Light bulb: 25 watt.
Do not leave in care of little ones.
Do not leave unattended.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Farm Chicks Show--Results

I did well at The Farm Chicks Show held over this past weekend in Spokane, Wa. I got tons of compliments and some great sales. People seemed to fight over my business cards and really pour-over my prints with great interest. I was surprised to find that I didn't sell any lamps but again there was a lot of interest and I expect gains to come in the near future from my experience. I can't wait to list more of my fabric on Etsy, it is really fun and stunning! Whole yards are 23.00 each, and you may order as much as you'd like. 1/2 yards are 17.00 each. If any of you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me .

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

More Fabric

Each of my fabric designs will be created as limited print runs. I can't say enough about the crew I worked with at DPI they worked with me every step of the way and produced such fabulous products! The quality and service surpasses that ones I have used in the past. If you check them out, make sure to tell them that I sent you!

My Very Own Fabric!

Inspired by one of my other designs here: this sweet little bundle of fabric has a lot of style. A little girl's skirt would be fabulous, an apron...sigh so many possibilities! I make a habit of pushing the uses of my designs to their fullest, the flowers from this once came from a silk screen design and they show up from time to time in other projects such as stationery.

The style and color scheme really has a vintage quality to it, as if you found
fabric from something you had as a child.

One Yard Dear Flapling:

Three Yards Dear Flapling:

Two Yards Dear Flapling: