Friday, March 30, 2007

Oooh, Modish has great taste!

More and more do you find yourself hooked to items, art and things that you can purchase directly from the creator? It seems more and more of us are. We buy from our neighbors, sister's of friends etc., adoring the idea that those artists created something special by hand. Possibly we had the gain of participating. Modish has that same focus when reporting about fashion and art. When visiting you'll feel an amplified jolt coming in contact with such fab stylists, designers and artists. Modish brings the best finds to the top of the list. Go and check them out! And, yes! shopping via Modish is coming in April, I just read a banner on the site.

Meanwhile Modish has featured some fab artists and I am one of them!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tempting discoveries!

Super sweet finds this am on these first pretties are from
jennifermorrisbeads The funky magnets above come from Niceclutter and seemingly fitting for the front of my 'fridge!
And these beauties above are from aren't they just the sweetest? Who couldn't use a little kiss on their ears this sweet?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Interview with Inkyspider!

A few days ago I had the pleasure of getting to know Morgen from inkyspider! Morgen is a delight and her items are full of character and life!

What products do you carry in your shop?

The first thing you’ll notice about my shop, Inkyspider Designs, are the colours. I love bright and earthy colours as well as contrast and pattern. I am a textile artist working in a mixed media of surface design techniques. Many of my designs are on t-shirts for all ages, including baby tees. I also have clothing, scarves, and cushion covers. All images are original, designed by me and applied to fabric with techniques such as dyeing, screen printing, painting, shibori, discharge dye, appliqué and sewing.

Have you always been crafty?

Yes, the first things I can remember making as a child were crotcheted hats and I loved to make dolls. I even sold some and was very pleased with my 10 year old self. I began as a mixed media painter and printmaker, receiving my arts education in Southern Africa where I was born and raised. I have been working with textiles for 18 years doing mostly t-shirts for markets and fairs. In 2005 I decided to really make the switch from painting to fibre art and I am loving it!

What other activities do you enjoy?

Other things that I have going on in my life are yoga, music, gardening, being involved in my community, teaching art, being outdoors and I am presently doing a course in pattern drafting and clothing design.

Were you parents crafty too?
My Mom is an awesome artist. Her joy and spontaneity in her art are an inspiration to me.

Can you tell me, how you store your projects and supplies? (can you tell I'm desperate for a miracle myself?)

Ouch! A bit of a sore point there. This is always struggle. My studio is an organized chaos. Seriously, my husband is great at building shelves from floor to ceiling and I fill them with plastic bins labeled on the outside with what they contain.

Do you work outside the home?

I've worked in restaurants for years with all the other artists, actors and musicians trying to make ends meet. I also do quite a bit of teaching: regular art classes for kids and workshops for adults. Living in a village means that I do great selling my stuff in the summers but it becomes a challenge in the winter. That's why I joined Etsy!

Thanks Mindy,
Cheers, Morgen

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Woot Woot--She's A Betty Etsy Finds!

Oh my~ this is a great day for the Groovy Inclinations Etsy Shop! She's A Betty sifted through Etsy's World and found some nifty items! (no surprise, since the site is booming with creatives poppin' off incredible items nearly every second of ever hour! Okay, so don't quote me on that but go to the front page and see for yourself! And, do it after you've seen She's A Betty's site.

decor8: Mindy Wilson Prints

decor8: Mindy Wilson Prints Decor8 has done an incredible job with a fancy little write up about my artwork! You must go and take a lookie Holly Becker did it up! Oh, such nice comments from readers too. Woo Hoo!

Shoppers! Check out Grechen's Closet

There you will find a coupon code for MY ETSY SHOP! good throught April 15th!! Grechen has done all the leg work in finding great coupon codes for dozens of places, but we aren't talking about any of "them" right now are we? NO...after April 15th fine. Well I'd still rather you shop with me. Check out Grechen's Closet!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Front Page! Morphed Notie Notes!!

The actual treasury is here But, for now, I'm on the front page with a great group of awesome artists!! Go check it out. I actually have nine items in the treasury right now-I'm so excited I've never had that many. Thank you Miriam for choosing my Gocco Printed Notie Notes!! Oh, Miriam has some fab little bags in her shoppie- a must for Easter Bunnies to deliver! Check them, go!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Oh, this is a sweetie little springtime wristling!

Sheknits will custom design and knit the bag of your dreams! And more! Because she'll design and knit a bag for your sister's dreams or your mom's too! All done with style! She uses wool, cotton and silk yarns. A bag like this would last a lifetime and never go out of style, do wonder over to her shoppie and see what she's been working on!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What's for dinner?

Welcome to

I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay for this service, but I'm willing to try it for a week and see if it doesn't brighten my day just a bit! I'm also willing to pass this along to other busy moms. So, check it out. A menu with a shopping list is sent to you each week. Hmm, What's For Dinner?

It as a Dark and Stormy....Treasury!!

Yarnchef created this list of fabulous artists with a thunderous theme! Make sure to stop by her shoppie, she has some of the most beautiful yarn!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mwilson Featured on Open Your Mind!

Etsy artist Melanie has featured me on her new blog: Open Your Mind! She did such a great job, I'm very excited! Perhaps she'll agree to meet with me sometime soon! Melanie, thank you so much for your hard work and efforts~ the feature looks great!

This are sweety little magnets that Alice from makes. They are just sweetable. Are your magnets this cute?

Monday, March 19, 2007


Remember this little Owl purse I posted a while back?
Well, Ana from
agreed to visit with me for a while and talk about her craft. So, yay! I had to show this little guy off again because I have a little crush on him.
Ana, did your family crochet?

No :( I'm the only one. My mom doesn't even like to sew, and I'm an only child. My neighbor Martita, back in Uruguay, where I'm from, tought me to crochet when I was 6 or 7. I spent that whole summer making granny squares and clothes for every single one of my dolls :)

How long would it take for you to create this little Owl purse? I'm fascinated with the proceedure and my daughter has shown a huge interest in crocheting.

The owl purse took around 3 hours. I had it in my mind for a while, and one afternoon I just sat and made it, and I think it's one of my favorites. My almost 4 year old is interested in crocheting too, when she was little she used to "pretend crochet", she would sit with lots of yarn on her lap and a big crochet hook, and would poke the yarn with it! I've tried teaching her but it's still too difficult for her, so we've started with knitting. She's left handed and I'm not, so I find it a little hard to teach her, but she seems to like it :)

How long do you spend crocheting each day?

Way too much time! I've tried to take a "day off" here and there and I can't. I think I'm a little addicted...

For me drawing little compact images of circles and flowers is a slightly manic way to spend late nights in my studio. Seemingly, I have to do it. Can you relate?

I have a little notebook that I take everywhere where I draw all these ideas I have for toys that I *need* to make, and I'm always crocheting something, even if it's just to take it apart to use for dolls' wavy hair :) I need to have a hook and some yarn at all times, and if a toy I really really want to make happens to pop in mind really late I have this need to stay up late until I'm done -when Martina, our 6-month old, wasn't sleeping through the night I used that as an excuse to stay up forever, crocheting non-stop ;)

Let's say you are thinking of making a hippo backpack styled purse. Would you sketch something out first or do you just grab yarn and start making it? Do you write notes as you go so that you can retain it for a future pattern?

Ideas for toys come to me at the most random times and the craziest places, and as soon as I think of something I draw it in my little notebook so I won't forget it, so almost every time I do have some kind of drawing for them. And then once I start I always write notes in case it comes out really nice and I want to make it again :)

Do you have other artsy passions?

I love ceramics. I used to make all kinds of little creatures that looked kind of like my toys. I wish I had more time to keep doing that...

Is it difficult to find places to store your yarn and other supplies? How do you store your work and supplies? (
Look at Mindy trying to shamelessly steal storage ideas from people.)

It's bad, really bad. There's yarn everywhere! I have big plastic bins, big boxes, lots of bags, baskets... and all in our tiny little apartment with two kids and their toys and a husband obsessed with books (he's doing his phd, so there's lots of books, but my yarn wins!)

What is the one of best things you've found on (Best Item, no purchase needed:)
Etsy is so full of amazing artists and amazing, beautiful things that I can't pick one that I like the most. I tend to admire painters like you the most, though, because I find it pretty awesome that someone can create something so impressive with a piece of paper and a pencil. One of my favorites is Mandy from millymollymandy, and I really REALLY like your Morphans series :)

What is something you'd like to say about your work?
I just love what I do and I can not live without. I never thought I would end up making toys, and never ever thought it would make me so happy :) And I know it sounds weird, but really, if I'm not crocheting something I'm thinking of something I want to make. Having little kids is the best because I get inspired by them all the time, and Oli's amazement at the most "common" things give me the best ideas.

Ana, thank you so much for allowing this little interview and peek into your life! May you have oodles and oodles of future sales and a sudden need to fill spaces in your home with new yarn and supplies!!

Ana has many wonderful patterns for sale in her shoppie and I know lots of tweens & teens who would love them for gifts! I think as parents we need enforce or encourage arts and creation. So, please stop by Ana's shop to say hello and do some Easter shopping there too! (All other shopping is welcome as well.)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Three Cheers for PRESS!!

Following this link are some very impressive Etys Press noties.

Etsy Garden » Press

Where have you seen Etsy?

Spring-Pink Treasury

Here is a beautiful treasury list created by Kirsten has a cutie little shop with fun creative finds including these 'dorable chicky stud earrings shown here to sweet little crochet items!

I think the list will expire soon I didn't notice it until this am! But, here it is in a screen shot!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Treasury List at

Thank you to Exquisite Oddity for picking my Morteeny image for your treasury!
I'm thrilled to be listed among these other fine artists! Check out her unique graphic design! The beautiful banners and avatars are just fabulous!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Felted Soap--Have you tried it?

Etsy :: Cucumber, Lemon and Aloe, Hand Felted Three Soap Set

This looks like a fabulous buy for mom for mother's day!! And if not my mom, someone's! Check out today!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Looks Funky Open Edition Large Print

Here is a new digital image I just finished. It was created with hand painted images and photos completed with majic from a graphic's program.