Monday, March 19, 2007


Remember this little Owl purse I posted a while back?
Well, Ana from
agreed to visit with me for a while and talk about her craft. So, yay! I had to show this little guy off again because I have a little crush on him.
Ana, did your family crochet?

No :( I'm the only one. My mom doesn't even like to sew, and I'm an only child. My neighbor Martita, back in Uruguay, where I'm from, tought me to crochet when I was 6 or 7. I spent that whole summer making granny squares and clothes for every single one of my dolls :)

How long would it take for you to create this little Owl purse? I'm fascinated with the proceedure and my daughter has shown a huge interest in crocheting.

The owl purse took around 3 hours. I had it in my mind for a while, and one afternoon I just sat and made it, and I think it's one of my favorites. My almost 4 year old is interested in crocheting too, when she was little she used to "pretend crochet", she would sit with lots of yarn on her lap and a big crochet hook, and would poke the yarn with it! I've tried teaching her but it's still too difficult for her, so we've started with knitting. She's left handed and I'm not, so I find it a little hard to teach her, but she seems to like it :)

How long do you spend crocheting each day?

Way too much time! I've tried to take a "day off" here and there and I can't. I think I'm a little addicted...

For me drawing little compact images of circles and flowers is a slightly manic way to spend late nights in my studio. Seemingly, I have to do it. Can you relate?

I have a little notebook that I take everywhere where I draw all these ideas I have for toys that I *need* to make, and I'm always crocheting something, even if it's just to take it apart to use for dolls' wavy hair :) I need to have a hook and some yarn at all times, and if a toy I really really want to make happens to pop in mind really late I have this need to stay up late until I'm done -when Martina, our 6-month old, wasn't sleeping through the night I used that as an excuse to stay up forever, crocheting non-stop ;)

Let's say you are thinking of making a hippo backpack styled purse. Would you sketch something out first or do you just grab yarn and start making it? Do you write notes as you go so that you can retain it for a future pattern?

Ideas for toys come to me at the most random times and the craziest places, and as soon as I think of something I draw it in my little notebook so I won't forget it, so almost every time I do have some kind of drawing for them. And then once I start I always write notes in case it comes out really nice and I want to make it again :)

Do you have other artsy passions?

I love ceramics. I used to make all kinds of little creatures that looked kind of like my toys. I wish I had more time to keep doing that...

Is it difficult to find places to store your yarn and other supplies? How do you store your work and supplies? (
Look at Mindy trying to shamelessly steal storage ideas from people.)

It's bad, really bad. There's yarn everywhere! I have big plastic bins, big boxes, lots of bags, baskets... and all in our tiny little apartment with two kids and their toys and a husband obsessed with books (he's doing his phd, so there's lots of books, but my yarn wins!)

What is the one of best things you've found on (Best Item, no purchase needed:)
Etsy is so full of amazing artists and amazing, beautiful things that I can't pick one that I like the most. I tend to admire painters like you the most, though, because I find it pretty awesome that someone can create something so impressive with a piece of paper and a pencil. One of my favorites is Mandy from millymollymandy, and I really REALLY like your Morphans series :)

What is something you'd like to say about your work?
I just love what I do and I can not live without. I never thought I would end up making toys, and never ever thought it would make me so happy :) And I know it sounds weird, but really, if I'm not crocheting something I'm thinking of something I want to make. Having little kids is the best because I get inspired by them all the time, and Oli's amazement at the most "common" things give me the best ideas.

Ana, thank you so much for allowing this little interview and peek into your life! May you have oodles and oodles of future sales and a sudden need to fill spaces in your home with new yarn and supplies!!

Ana has many wonderful patterns for sale in her shoppie and I know lots of tweens & teens who would love them for gifts! I think as parents we need enforce or encourage arts and creation. So, please stop by Ana's shop to say hello and do some Easter shopping there too! (All other shopping is welcome as well.)

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