Monday, March 30, 2009

Etsy Stalker Featured Molting Progression

Oh what a sweet selection of art from Etsy Stalker from. This feature of my photograph was created for the Self Stalking series by Beatrice and Violet, artist submitted their own work for consideration. Outstanding designs and site!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Portraits

Adore images from maronresur! Love the red and yellow saturated on his face.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I have fascination to view others artwork. I adore portraits that are slightly off-beat and unusual. Here are a few of my favorites. This is something that I'd love to find my artistic style in this area...someday.

Please visit the following artists shops to see more of their outstanding style.

1st image from: 2nd image from: 3rd image from:

Monday, March 23, 2009

And the winner is!

This Is Glamorous has posted the winner of my delicious design (It's mine, I can say so~right?) , the spring print Morphee

Check it out! Blair, the winner of my 16 x 16 matte canvas print has a beautiful blog and I'm hoping many visitors make it over to say hi! Congratulations Blair! Your print will ship in a day or two!

A hopeful addition to my store

Well as of this am, he's not settled in just yet. But, I hope to add this fine rooster to my store soon. I created him for a friend of mine who has been a super gent in sending my calendars the last two years. I couldn't be more grateful. But, I certainly got behind on my end of the deal! I have a new book project with Arnica Creative I'm illustrating a children's book for them. And, well these things take time! I'd like to introduce Animals In Color, I fell in love with the bright concepts and shapes of Sebastiano Ranchetti creative critters and knew my kitchen would be a much happier place to adorn his work! I have so many favorites. Please take time to view his shop and his other site as well to see his digital art. I'm sure you'll find some favorites of your own!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Super Scents!!

I am really enjoying some fabulous scents in my home right now! I got some new Scentsy bars and I'm in heaven! Right now, I can't decide if I love Lucky in Love or Irish Cream more. I can't say enough about the product. I feel great in knowing there is no open flame, my bars will last a long, long time and for economic reasons, it makes sense since I'm re-using my scents over and over! I just pour them back into the containers when I want to change things from soothing Sugar Cookie to Cranberry Spice, or Lemon Lavender, Home Sweet Home....Well you get the idea! I have been so happy since getting my little Scentsy warmer over a year ago. Check it out and let me know which scents you love best! If you are in the Seattle area contact Katie Jones to get a whiff of her products personally!

My Children's Book

Yep, I wrote this! Really, I used to blab about it all of the time. But, I haven't in a while and I just renewed my contract with my publisher. It's a story about friendship,decision making and a girl with a lot of little quirks. When she discovers someone is copying her, she flips and doesn't want to be that person's friend any longer. But, guess who she finds to help her with her final decision?


I'm not telling. That would ruin the story for you! Check into it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Only a few remain!

I'm thinking I only have six or seven of these tucked away. They are coming to a close. I'd made about fifty of them. Sad...going, going..
I enjoy putting a spin on images from nature, this print is no exception. I'd like to find it in a child's room, kitchen, entry way or office.

Poplar leaves was produced one of my Gocco's. My intent was to show off registration because it's just more interesting to me. The paper is has a felt-like feel, it's pale yellow and 80lb text similar to 60lb cover, the deckle is at the left of the print the brand is Brockway color is ivory, size is 8.5 x 11 with plenty of space around the image for framing. Brockway sure makes an excellent printmaking paper.

I'd love to create some wedding invitations or save the dates with this sort of theme and pattern!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Recent Sale

I woke this am to having made this sale! Woot woot~
This is printed on 8.5 x 11 paper and the image is 5 x 5. Looks fabulous printed on matte canvas as a 16 x 16!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucky Magazine has Featured my Print

This was supa-news for me this am~ The online version of Lucky Magazine Featured my print!
It's the very same print that is being given away by by This is Glamorous

Thursday, March 12, 2009


With some unexpected blogger image trouble, I wasn't able to post this pronto!! Anyhow, I have been tweeting and sending out various promos about this event. So, far there has been a terrific turn out. however, if you are just tuning in, you still have time to run over to This Is Glamorous and enter the drawing for the giveaway that Roséline is hosting on her fabulously styled bloggie!

* print is 16 x 16, printed on matte finish canvas; not available for purchase until after give-away is complete! After the sale available to This Is Glamorous readers only. (that's why you need to check this out) the print will not be available for sale again for an extended amount of time! Additionally, this print will be listed at a special price for this time only. So, snap it up Groovy Peeps...head over and check out the Giveaway! Make sure to keep up to date and subscribe to Roséline's blog to get all of the details. In doing so you will gain an fantastic little treat in your in box (her updates) as well!

This print was created with my own photos, illustrations and textile patterns will just a soft enough design it will coexist with many decors!

Monday, March 09, 2009

It looks like have have done something dumb

I think I'm actually following my own blog! Ugg, how dumb is that? How do un-follow?

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Katie Jones ~ Sentsy

A while back I visited my best friend's home and it smelled fantastic. Honestly...she has a cat box and all. But, even my son was impressed and loved how delicious her home smelled. After some prodding and some investigation, I discovered the source was her several Scentsy lamps in her home! I love these! Scentsy has many terrific products, such as fragrant sprays and car candles. But the idea of a wickless candle sold me. And honestly, there weren't many candles that I loved. I rarely could even smell them when had them burning. I have them in my home too. I also have a new friend! Katie Jones who sells the Scentsy products. Katie is from Seattle and we chit chat from time to time. She's a trustworthy hard- working mom, with a great sense of scents and style! I can't say enough about my new little smell good treat. There are numerous crazy delicious scents it really is difficult to choose which ones to order! One of my faves was lavender vanilla, which seems to have now been replaced with a new version. I used Sizzling Coconut throughout much of the winter. I've notice the scent lasts a VERY long time. With the Sizzling Coconut, there was a rich cinnamon scent melded along with the coconut and as the scent was used the coconut became more prominent. Not only are there a bundle of different scents, they always have great deals going on and the warmers (heated with a 25 watt bulb) are very decorative and come in dozens of colors, textures and styles. You won't have any trouble finding one to go in your home or office. You may however, have trouble deciding on which one to order! In my home, we all love it. The lamp warms up so quickly that before I know it my home smells yummy. And usually it's just minutes after I plug it in when I begin to smell it! All without an open flame!

JanieMary Large Sized Print

Click your heals JanieMary your dreams may come true. Little do you know you are in control of what happens to you.

Larged sized print is created on matte finsh canvas.

16" wide x 20" tall

Friday, March 06, 2009

Morphans Sunny Side

Newly listed item in my shoppie~
pairs well with many images from my shop.

This is glamorous

I'll be posting a special announcement soon...I'll be teaming up with Roséline at This Is Glamorous for an awesome shopping opportunity! In the mean time, check out her style filled blog! So, check back soon for more details!

Juicy Moot Feature

March 2009 Juicy Moot has been featured in the new online magazine Viva La Moda it's on page 45! What a great layout! Thanks so much, Ainhoa and staff.