Sunday, March 08, 2009

Katie Jones ~ Sentsy

A while back I visited my best friend's home and it smelled fantastic. Honestly...she has a cat box and all. But, even my son was impressed and loved how delicious her home smelled. After some prodding and some investigation, I discovered the source was her several Scentsy lamps in her home! I love these! Scentsy has many terrific products, such as fragrant sprays and car candles. But the idea of a wickless candle sold me. And honestly, there weren't many candles that I loved. I rarely could even smell them when had them burning. I have them in my home too. I also have a new friend! Katie Jones who sells the Scentsy products. Katie is from Seattle and we chit chat from time to time. She's a trustworthy hard- working mom, with a great sense of scents and style! I can't say enough about my new little smell good treat. There are numerous crazy delicious scents it really is difficult to choose which ones to order! One of my faves was lavender vanilla, which seems to have now been replaced with a new version. I used Sizzling Coconut throughout much of the winter. I've notice the scent lasts a VERY long time. With the Sizzling Coconut, there was a rich cinnamon scent melded along with the coconut and as the scent was used the coconut became more prominent. Not only are there a bundle of different scents, they always have great deals going on and the warmers (heated with a 25 watt bulb) are very decorative and come in dozens of colors, textures and styles. You won't have any trouble finding one to go in your home or office. You may however, have trouble deciding on which one to order! In my home, we all love it. The lamp warms up so quickly that before I know it my home smells yummy. And usually it's just minutes after I plug it in when I begin to smell it! All without an open flame!


Robin Harrison said...

A very interesting article, the Scentsy lanps would be very useful for people who have several pets living in their homes.

groovyinclinations said...

Exactly...offices and homes with children as well!