Thursday, March 12, 2009


With some unexpected blogger image trouble, I wasn't able to post this pronto!! Anyhow, I have been tweeting and sending out various promos about this event. So, far there has been a terrific turn out. however, if you are just tuning in, you still have time to run over to This Is Glamorous and enter the drawing for the giveaway that Roséline is hosting on her fabulously styled bloggie!

* print is 16 x 16, printed on matte finish canvas; not available for purchase until after give-away is complete! After the sale available to This Is Glamorous readers only. (that's why you need to check this out) the print will not be available for sale again for an extended amount of time! Additionally, this print will be listed at a special price for this time only. So, snap it up Groovy Peeps...head over and check out the Giveaway! Make sure to keep up to date and subscribe to Roséline's blog to get all of the details. In doing so you will gain an fantastic little treat in your in box (her updates) as well!

This print was created with my own photos, illustrations and textile patterns will just a soft enough design it will coexist with many decors!

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MandMStudio said...

Hi. I just signed up for the giveaway. So lovely:)