Monday, March 23, 2009

A hopeful addition to my store

Well as of this am, he's not settled in just yet. But, I hope to add this fine rooster to my store soon. I created him for a friend of mine who has been a super gent in sending my calendars the last two years. I couldn't be more grateful. But, I certainly got behind on my end of the deal! I have a new book project with Arnica Creative I'm illustrating a children's book for them. And, well these things take time! I'd like to introduce Animals In Color, I fell in love with the bright concepts and shapes of Sebastiano Ranchetti creative critters and knew my kitchen would be a much happier place to adorn his work! I have so many favorites. Please take time to view his shop and his other site as well to see his digital art. I'm sure you'll find some favorites of your own!

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