Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Monkey Stuff Mini Stationery Pack

BlogMad >> Loud Mouth Blog - The Trials & Tribulations of MySpace

BlogMad >> Loud Mouth Blog - The Trials & Tribulations of MySpace

And this is one reason I just don't want my fourteen YO having anything to do with MySpace. It isn't that I think he'll make crappy decisions it's everyone else. ICK.

Monday, February 26, 2007

One of my customers submitted photos showing off her incredible bedroom style to Apartment, her submission also includes two of my prints framed together! Morphed and Morphans! Take a look!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Etsy Artist Feature: Choochcat

Recently I stumbled across these fantastic coasters fabricated by a new Etsy artist Choochcat. With a long time love of studying the life of colonial days, Choochcat, discovered a desire to create hand made items from leather. This, after thirty-five years of studying the history. The leather work is done by every traditional method using a needle and awl.
Choochcat says: By watching the older tradesmen that where still around and asking “good” questions, reading, and studying original pieces of equipment when possible, the passion grew.
These are fantastic pieces of art and for anyone thinking of gifts for upcoming graduates and the next wedded couple in their family, a few pieces of handmade luggage, would last for many lifetimes. It would be the type of gift that's shows timeless style and quality and will be passed along to the next generation. Visit the shop and see for yourself!

Friday, February 23, 2007

16 x 20 Print Magnumfied!

Click the link above to find out how to purchase!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

CBS 2 News This Morning

This is fabulous. A fun interview Rob Kalin co-founder and President of Etsy. Beyond the beautiful handmade treasures that can be found when one spends time to shop with Etsy, purchasing from the artists themselves may make a huge difference in some creative person's life. Some have worked years and years collecting the items they've made with little opportunity to sell. Oh, that's me I'm talking about. This whole experience has given me fuel, funds and a future in continuing to create art. Why not choose to shop in a place where items are created outside of mass production making your choices something special and meaningful. When you buy a doll from Stichz you are getting something that someone spent time making, choosing the fabric and there will probably be just one like it. One....she may make others similar but non will be exactly like this one. And by passing purchases along as gifts to our kids(for one)we are showing them the value of handmade too. This I hope will help continue crafts of sewing, glass blowing, ceramics, crocheting, metal smithing, jewelry making, painting, silkscreen and printmaking to name a few.

But, that is just a few things to think about. If you have the chance watch the video on CBS 2 News This Morning.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jnicdesigns! Beautiful Jewelry!

Aren't these the best? I'm telling you this artistian needs to be the featured seller on I hope to interview Jennifer Trott shortly.

New Treasury--My print Magnum has been selected

I just want to say to my mom and others who may be wondering about my possibly having an obssesion with expanded earwear...I really don't have an obsession with it. But, I think these are pretty cool in the way that I would love to see how these are fabricated. I'm betting there are tons of people who would wear these and don't because they haven't seen them! That's one reason I'm posting them on my bloggie. The artist has been creating with glass since 2002 and lives in New York.

Additionally, I'm not a fourth grader anymore. I can appreciate craftsmanship without the desire to wear these myself. I think Frozenfire is very talented. To find more items visit the shop: FrozenFire!

Adorable Little Find>>>I have a crush!

I have a crush on this little guy! Something as cute as this makes me want to learn to crochet.

The purse turns out to be approx. 4.5 inches/11 cm long and 4 inches/10 cm wide.
You can find the pattern At Ana's shoppie here: She creates the patterns herself! For me, the thought is amazing. I would imagine it may take someone like me a good twenty years to create something like this. Looking at a pile of various non-drawing projects that lives in my crowded closet...maybe longer. I'll be asking Ana a few questions soon and we'll find out how long it takes her to whip up one of these cuties.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pretty Pictures!

Just a reminder to scroll down to the bottom-there's some perrty artwork down below!
Additionally, I have new artists lined up to feature soon and if you don't want to miss out on something special, subscribe to my blog. It's easy!


New art print Morpheeto has just been listed. I'm working on larget sizes of my prints right now. So, far things are going well I have one completed that is similar to this one. Oh, yippy the image below sold this am--woo hoo!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Note designs

Set of six cards adorned with a charming spring tree. The flat cards are 5.5 x 4.25 and each image is printed by hand screen printed on safron colored heavy 80# cover cardstock in black ink.Set comes with Neenah brand 80# white envelopes. Smooth to the touch and heavy quality. This set can be found here>>>

New Note Cards Designed

I wanted to create something that reminds of vintage wallpaper....too bright in some areas and faded in others and this is my resulting end product. Set of six cards inspired by vintage wallpaper designs. Each 5.5 x 4.25 note card has been hand screen printed on pine colored heavy 80# cover cardstock in deep red and olive inks. Set comes with Neenah brand 80# white envelopes. Smooth to the touch and heavy quality.
I looks as if I used two different colors, which I didn't. For this listing I used a scan for one shot and my camera in others. The color is consistent throughout and represented best in the first two photos.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Meeting of Morphans Chosen for a Treasury!

This list will only be up for another twenty-four hours...but take a look a group of many fine artist's are there along with me! The print is available for sale here

Friday, February 16, 2007

Treasury List at

My Mootful print was chosen by Kuriloff to be in her treasury picks. The list will be there for just thirteen more hours. All the images and products are juicy....

Interested in a print? Check here. You can also contact me through Groovy Inclinations if this one has sold. If you haven't signed up at Etsy you are missing out! It's easy peasy go do it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jewelry by Jennifer Trott

My friend and fellow artist Jennifer Trott is featured in the showcase at, you'll find the showcase at the bottom of the Etsy home page. Jen has amazing style and talent. I think you'll agree that her jewelry is fantastic and stands out among many designers showing creativity and quality as well. Her shop is here: Jnicdesigns, make sure to stop by and take a look for yourself. Join Etsy and mark her items as faves too!
Above are some of my favorites.

Googe or is it Google?

Google Welcome to my life today Googe. All my love, Midny

Just in case this has been repaired before you get to look at this. Google has been misspelled. I'm the queen of misspelling. They replaced the 'g' with a beautiful strawberry that had been dipped in chocolate, but lost the 'l' somewhere along the way.

I understand.

A few family photos....

You'll see the altered version of this image below, I'm on the left and Jenny is on the right. We each have two big kids in back who are so cute we just can't stand but not look at them.

I may have this some place on this bloggie but...I look sto great in that hat that I had to post this one again.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Check out the gossip show on Yahoo for 2-13-07

They have nine stories to vote on and Etsy is #1...go place your vote!

It's not too late to do something SWEET for your SWEETIES!

On second viewing of this it looks like a sticky slaughter. I made 40 some suckers with my kiddles this afternoon. I bet you wouldn't guess that they are lemon flavored. S.Wilson, 11 year old cutie is taking them to class tomorrow.

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Discomedusa's Art!

Discomedusa...I think I just like saying the name.
Above: I'm not a fan of expanded earwear. The idea is a little w-eard to me. However, I think these must be the coolest ones I've ever seen and certainly someone who loves expanded earwear should have these.
These little jewels below are also the creation of She lives in Oregon, she's a new mommy and we can see she's creative!

Etsy :: Silver Matrix Hollow Ball Earrings

Etsy :: Silver Matrix Hollow Ball Earrings I love this artist's work. Simply funky and different. I love the idea that someone that I might actually be able to put a face to and visit with has sat down and created the things that I may choose to purchase. That's why I love


This is my me and my best friend Jenbert. I have lots of bests, but this is the Beef. She recently moved just a few hours from me and I have already gotten to see her and a couple of her delicious children! Otherwise, we saw each other ever five or TEN YEARS!!! But, talked on the phone daily, three+ times a day all week long. Now, we don't even have long distance when we call each other! Isn't that awesome? Did I mention we've been friends for over 25 years?
Just a reminder that these are MY images and photos and taking them would be an unspeakable act of EVIL behavior

Ultimate 52 item stationery pack!

Sales have been great, I'm thankful for that! This gives me the go ahead to create more products. I worked on this stationery set all weekend! Sixteen sheets of paper, four 5 x 7 greeting cards, four 4 x 5 flat note cards, two styles of stickers giving you 12: six striped doggie bones and six wacky eyes!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Front page of Etsy Again--Woot Woot!

This won't last for long but if you get the chance to see...I'm featured on the Etsy site again with my Morpans print! Check out the store!