Sunday, February 25, 2007

Etsy Artist Feature: Choochcat

Recently I stumbled across these fantastic coasters fabricated by a new Etsy artist Choochcat. With a long time love of studying the life of colonial days, Choochcat, discovered a desire to create hand made items from leather. This, after thirty-five years of studying the history. The leather work is done by every traditional method using a needle and awl.
Choochcat says: By watching the older tradesmen that where still around and asking “good” questions, reading, and studying original pieces of equipment when possible, the passion grew.
These are fantastic pieces of art and for anyone thinking of gifts for upcoming graduates and the next wedded couple in their family, a few pieces of handmade luggage, would last for many lifetimes. It would be the type of gift that's shows timeless style and quality and will be passed along to the next generation. Visit the shop and see for yourself!

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