Thursday, February 22, 2007

CBS 2 News This Morning

This is fabulous. A fun interview Rob Kalin co-founder and President of Etsy. Beyond the beautiful handmade treasures that can be found when one spends time to shop with Etsy, purchasing from the artists themselves may make a huge difference in some creative person's life. Some have worked years and years collecting the items they've made with little opportunity to sell. Oh, that's me I'm talking about. This whole experience has given me fuel, funds and a future in continuing to create art. Why not choose to shop in a place where items are created outside of mass production making your choices something special and meaningful. When you buy a doll from Stichz you are getting something that someone spent time making, choosing the fabric and there will probably be just one like it. One....she may make others similar but non will be exactly like this one. And by passing purchases along as gifts to our kids(for one)we are showing them the value of handmade too. This I hope will help continue crafts of sewing, glass blowing, ceramics, crocheting, metal smithing, jewelry making, painting, silkscreen and printmaking to name a few.

But, that is just a few things to think about. If you have the chance watch the video on CBS 2 News This Morning.

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