Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Release!

My dear friend Mari has just had her book published : Sleepy Sun!

What's already been said about Sleepy Sun:
"This magical book gives children a new perspective on nighttime. -As educational as it is enchanting." Ellen Tanner Marsh --New York Times Bestselling Author Review

Sleepy Sun is an instant classic! Sleepy Sun is a beautiful and imaginative bedtime story beloved by children everywhere. With vivid illustrations, this engaging poetic adventure allows children to follow the sun throughout its busy day. It shines on snow capped mountains, heats up the scenic desert, and brightens a lively city... The sun entertains while visiting places all over the world! When the sun's day is finished, it is time to gently go to sleep.

Readers can learn much more about Marie, or Sleepy Sun:

Mari has been so busy with her promotion work that it was a little difficult to get much out of her! However, I was able to get a little out of her.
Mari you tell me something about your writing habits?

I tend to write by hand and put it in the computer later! I have FILES of children's stories, novels and movie scripts. I tend to bounce around between them... I work on one for a while, or research an idea, and then move back to a different project. I don't know how effective that is, but suits my creative nature. I use my imagination for the fun of it!

I just want to say thank you to Mari for sharing a bit about her project and new book with us and wish her the best. If anyone has questions or are interested in the book please check out her site above and please request Sleepy Sun from your library and favorite books stores too!

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