Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Interview the Yvonne N. Pierre author of The Day My Soul Cried

Yvonne Pierre’s journey from the depths of despair to an awakening of soul and spirit -has been a long and difficult one.
From sexual abuse, excessive drinking, failing in school, having a child while still a teenager, unable to get a job, having a second child with Down syndrome, gaining excessive weight and allowing herself to no longer care about how she looked – the painful pattern of all types of abuse seemed endless. Until one day, when Yvonne’s soul cried. She began to see that how she perceived her life and the attitudes she had, were crippling her as much as all her bad habits and the ugly things that happened to her. The realization that through forgiveness of others and most importantly, herself, would prove to be her path to new confidence, new attitude, a joy and love of life and God, and a profound hope that by sharing her story, others may find the courage and strength to do what Yvonne has done.

What prompted the writing of your book, or when was the moment you said to yourself” “I don’t care, I’m going to do it”
Mindy, there were so many times when I said this is the year. Like every New Year’s Eve when midnight strikes we say, “This is the year. I’m going to accomplish my dreams and goals this year.” I think every year, that was my resolution to go after my dreams. This year, I said, I’m not going to say it, I’m just going to do it. I needed to overcome my fears. What I realized is that the fear didn’t completely leave; I had to learn how to press forward in spite of the being afraid. This actually is where the idea for “The Day My Soul Cried” came from – figuring out why I was standing in my own way.

Did you use a traditional publisher?
Initially, I wanted to go with a traditional publisher. When I was trying to get the self-help book, Phoqus published, I went to a publisher and because I was a “no name” writer, he wanted me to remove some elements from the book and add elements he thought was a better idea. By the time he finished telling me what to take out and add it was his vision, not mine. So, I politely turned down the deal. One of the elements he wanted me to take out the book was me. He said no one would be interested in my story. I decided to study the industry and start my own independent publishing, but I placed it on hold to focus on spreading positive special needs awareness. Now, I’m pulling it all together.

Who was your best support during the project?
In addition to God, my support system has been Steffan (my significant other) and our sons – Zyair 17 and Zyon 8.

Has this project been fuel for other projects?
I think so. While developing this project, I’ve learned so much mostly about myself. Prior to doing this project and during the process of developing this project I’ve accomplished things that I had no idea that I could. Ironically, writing was one of them. In the book, I talk more about it, but one of my greatest challenges in school was reading and writing. I failed the basic entry exam for community college. Writing a book was something I NEVER thought I’d do. I’m still shocked. But to answer the question, yes. This project has giving me a new confidence to write more books and eventually publish other authors.

What has been the most rewarding part of the creation process?
I think the most rewarding part of this process is the new found confidence in my work.

What has been the most rewarding part of the promotion process?
Mindy, I absolutely love the interviews on radio, blogs, and magazine. I love connecting to the audience in hopes that someone, even if only one person is inspired by my story.

Was there anything you wish you’d known about becoming an author prior to beginning the book?
No, there were no surprises because prior to launching the book I learned as much as I can about the publishing industry. I researched online and talked to other authors about what to expect not just about the process, but also from the public, interviews, and more. I didn’t expect everything to go smoothly, but I was prepared for the surprises.

Have there been surprises?
The biggest surprise for me was the feedback; I did not expect the response that I received.

Was this something you could work on daily?
I think you have to even if it’s just for a couple hours a day, especially if you own the publishing company. There’s a lot more to publishing a book than writing it, it’s a business.

What came easy to you?
The easiest part for me was the creative and business process of developing the book and the publishing company.

Yvonne Pierre is a devoted mom of two boys, ages 17 and 8. Before becoming a mother, Yvonne always had a passion for developing works in the entertainment industry – film, books, and projects – that empower others. After her youngest son was born and was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, she redirected her attention and primary efforts toward the special needs community. She is in the process of developing new projects that will empower the special needs community here and abroad. Yvonne is the founder of Have Ya Heard (HYH), an online community and e-magazine whose primary focus is to highlights the accomplishments of those with special needs. She is the founder of a publishing company, Zyonair’s Unlimited, LLC named after her two sons.

Yvonne holds two associate degrees in Accounting and Business Management, a BSBA in Marketing, and currently working on her Executive MBA.

In addition, Yvonne is also a radio personality on her own show – The Yvonne Pierre Show – hosted on BlogTalkRadio. It’s an on-demand talk radio show dedicated to informing and inspiring listeners on topics ranging from self-improvement to parenting a special needs child.

Yvonne Pierre is a momtrepreneur, postgraduate student, advocate, on-air personality, and now author of The Day My Soul Cried. Yvonne currently resides in Metro Atlanta with Steffan, her significant other of 11-years and two sons, Zyair and Zyon.

The Day My Soul Cried is also available at Amazon.

Thank you so much Yvonne for taking time to visit with me, I hope you have great success in your book writing adventures. For someone to use turn their life around in such a positive way such as what you have done, you must look back and know you have the power to do anything you want. Great job! You have achieved a beautiful success in your life~ congratulations!


Tobi Gary said...

Mindy and Yvonne, Reading about your story reminds me of how truly blessed my life has been. Thanks for the inspiration to do more.

stine050 said...

So many women are hurting and suffering and standing in their own way. I just pray that more would find a release through God as Yvonne has! Many feel hopeless about the feature but must believe that after the harshest winter, spring will come again with its profusion of color and life.

Avid Diva said...

Mindy, thank you for interviewing Yvonne. I did not know of her before I read your blog. The stories are similar. I do love writing, have been doing it since I was young. I do the same thing Yvonne did for years, every year was a new year's resolution that just did not happen.

I am starting small, an e-book that is slowly getting people to read. I am deeply inspired by Yvonne's story. She is right, stop saying and just do it.