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Guest Blogger Cristina Corral for Pure Skin Junkie!

Please read and comment and give a special welcome to my friend Cristina Corral owner of Pure Skin Junkie
Cristina is a mother of three, a skin care product developer as well as esthetician. Herline is titled: Pure Skin Junkie and it is an all natural, highly effective skin care line which treats acne, photodamage (aging), hyperpigmentation (brown spots), Rosacea and overall skin care health without irritating the skin! Pure Skin Junkie is paraben free, SLS free, no colors or fragrances! Just 100% RAW ingredients for effective results!

Best Form of Vitamin A for the Skin

Retinaldehyde is the most exciting and well researched carotinoid (vitamina a) ingredient on the market today! For years is has been researched and applauded as one of the most active ingredients in the skin but has been too expensive to use in skin care products. Through our unique lab technology, we are able to bring to to market a patent pending liposome coated Retinaldehyde.

In our bodies we convert Beta-Carotene into Retinol, Retinol into Retinaldehyde, and then Retinaldehyde into Retinoic Acid (Retin A tm). All of these retinoids have important and proven activity in the skin in an escalating level from Beta-Carotene to Retinoic Acid, respectively. Retinoic Acid is the only retinoid that requires a prescription even though Retinaldehyde has a similar activity level. Both Retinoic Acid and Retinaldehyde are substantially more active (500 times more!) than their Vitamin A counterparts which means we can use smaller amounts to achieve desired results. The importance of this will be explained shortly.

All of the retinoids have a tough time penetrating through the epidermis because of their large particle size. One study showed that only of a topically applied retinol penetrated through the upper barrier of the skin. Therefore, to have an effect on the dermis, larger volumes are often required. Unfortunately, that means that 98 of those larger volumes of retinol are sitting on top of the skin doing nothing but working against you by irritating and over-exfoliating. The advantage of using Retinaldehyde or Retinoic Acid is that smaller amounts, with much higher activity levels, can be used very effectively.

Retinoic Acid and all retinoids are most effective in their “all-trans” configuration and that is how most Retin A™ is delivered.....The bad new is that “all-trans” retinols are significantly more expensive and by law are identified on the labels are “all-trans“....(not L-retinol AGP, Retinyl Palmitate, Retinol/Vitamin A) The other bad news is that All-trans Retinol has a defect in its methodology...

Once the skin converts Retinaldehyde to Retinoic Acid, it cannot be reconverted to a form of Vitamin A that can be stored in the skin! That is why the skin converts only enough to perform the desired function and leaves the rest in the skin’s storage units in forms of Retinaldehyde and/or Retinol.

If you apply topical Retin A™, the skin cannot shut it off which results in two things; irritation from over-stimulation and over-exfoliation and a probability for the Retinoic Acid receptors to down regulate. All-trans Retinoic Acid has, by far, the most receptors of any retinoids and that is what makes it so potent. However, chronic stimulation (as in the case for every receptor in the body), results in fewer active receptors and thus diminished results over time.

All-trans Retinaldehyde is the best form possible from the above listed retinoids. In addition to having its own receptor activity, it is the immediate precursor of Retinoic Acid so the skin will convert a significant amount to that form upon application. The good news is that there will never be an over-stimulation problem because the skin regulates that conversion and uses just what it needs.

Research has repeatedly shown that Retinaldehyde has a similar activity profile to Retin A™ but with much less irritation. (practically none) That is way Retinaldehyde is safe to be used while going into the sun. It does not make the skin photosensitive like Retin A™ does. It’s also safe to use on a daily basis, again, with no side effects such as peeling or flaking skin.

If a person has discontinued the use of Vitamin A products like Retinol, Retinyl Palmatate or Retin A because the product was either non-effective OR just too irritating, they will not experience that problem using Retinaldehyde. It is the single more active, result oriented carotinoid (vit. A) with out irritating side effects!

Pure Skin Solutions’ line Pure Skin Junkie Treat Serums uses a proprietary Liposome Coated Retinaldehyde for quick penetration, dermal remodeling and little to no irritating side effects such as inflammation, peeling or flaking skin!

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Dana Cappelletti said...

I am a new user of Pure Skin Junkie and have tried it all. You name it prescriptions to Oil of Olay. Facials to micro derms and chemical peels.
The product developed by Pure Skin Junkie are nothing short of amazing.

My skin not only feels better- it looks amazing. I get compliments and inquires daily about what I am using. You owe it to yourself to try this amazing line.
Dana Cappelletti