Friday, April 09, 2010

Organo Gold is Healthy Coffee~ a visit with Donna Abrams

I was very curious about Donna Abrams coffee and I took her advice and asked her to send me some! I must admit I love the taste of her coffees! I cannot tell them from my favorites! And to think, there is mushrooms in them? I know I’ve just simplified and I wanted Donna to tell us more.

From Donna Abrams:
The business I’m in, the coffee I drink. Organo Gold is the healthy coffee alternative. We have:
King of Coffee=Spore powder extract
Latte=Cream & sugar
Mocha=chocolate lover’s delight
Hot Chocolate=designed with children in mind
Green Tea Capsules
Soap=helps promote healthy skin(rashes,psoriasis)

All our products are infused with “Ganoderma” a reishi mushroom that has been grown in Asia for more than 4000 years. Known for it’s medicinal properties the Kings grew it for themselves knowing that it increased their life span. We encourage consumers to research Ganoderma for themselves. The taste is great! We have mixers to introduce the products to the public because the mushrooms once infused is odorless, tasteless and invisible. The health benefits are many: it boosts your immune system, increases your quality of sleep, affects weight loss and overall health. Don’t take my word for it try it for yourself! is my website for ordering or joining my business team. To get samples send in your address and I will send you some.

Donna can you tell me how you discovered your products?
Organo Gold was introduced to me by a long time friend Alisa Boutte at what we call a CJM (Coffee & Jazz Mixer). This is an opportunity to taste our products and hear the business plan.

What was the biggest attraction?

The biggest attraction for me was the health benefits that could be experienced by consuming an organic beverage.

What are some of the health benefits that you’ve noticed?

The first noticeable change was in my sleep habits you see I had insomnia issues and now I rest quite well and my night sweats have ceased. Lastly, after drinking the products for 2 months I was able to stop taking my high blood pressure medicine and yes I consulted my doctor before, during and after. There are so many personal testimonies from weight loss to cancers cured. You have to try it to join the parade.

I’m seemingly so impressed by the coffee products but there are more! Can you share with my readers what else you have to offer?

Besides the coffees, we also carry green tea and hot chocolate. For the consumer who just wants to get the power of Ganoderma without the beverages we have capsules and we’ve also introduced soap to our line of products for people with skin issues like psoriasis or general rashes.

Thanks so much Donna for sharing something about your product with my readers!!

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Katie Jones said...

I love the Hot Chocolate and especially the Green Tea. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I am working on getting my husband used to being an instant coffee drinker. Still a work in progress, but definitely a great product.