Monday, February 01, 2010

All Scentsy FALL/WINTER 10% OFF

You are going to want to stock up on scents this month~ all products from my entire FALL/WINTER catalog are 10% off. This saving s adds up quickly and in the end you 'll be glad you have more fabulous scents to choose from, having spent a little less along the way. If you have a favorite scent and are worried it may be discontinued in the next catalog coming in March, I'd would order a brick now, really. It's one pound of your favorite scent at 18.00 with no worries of running out any time soon. I'll be sure to order myself a Sunkissed Citrus!

Full sized warmers--now 27.00

Mid sized warmers --22.50
Plug-In styled warmers 13.50

Send me a note if you would like a sample of the newest scent: Vanilla Suede, shot to you in the mail! Send me your mailing address at !

Something New! Welcome Canadian Shoppers! Woo hoo! If you are from Canada and want to enjoy Scentsy products~ shop away! Just click the icon at the top right to choose your country. Your sweet and wonderful scents are just a few clicks away!


Scentsy Montana said...

Just when we thought Scentsy couldn't get any better... they have a SALE! WhooHooo

Emma said...

Yes, I LOVE scentsy! I'm so excited it is now available in Canada, and 10% off is fab!