Monday, December 14, 2009

Thinking of Selling Scentsy?

I'll tell you two reasons I'm selling Scentsy I love the products-L* O * V * E them. And, I could easily see that I'd soon need additional income for my children and their college funds. I have a few years before their headed there and I have some other resources. Regardless, I felt like I was far behind in my endeavor. I can say I'm pleasantly surprised with the savings and it continues to grow--quickly! So, if I have to say if you are considering selling a product for much of the same reason as mine~do it! It's easy to join just go to my website: and click on Join! You will be given everything you need to start your business and I'll be there along with my team to help along the way! Any questions you have will be answered and you be soon be proud belonging to such a great company...eventually meeting your financial goals!

Have you tried Scentsy? These wick-less candles are affordable, long, long lasting too. When you are tired of a scent turn the warmer off...when you need a change warm the scent and pour it back into it's original container and try another! (Re-use or toss or save your old scent for fire starter!) The warmer designs are so fun and beautiful, you'll find one for every corner of your home! And the scents are simply delicious, with over eighty different scents there is a collection for each and every nose!

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