Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scentsy! My Newest Love and Venue

Have you heard of Scentsy? If not I need to tell you how fabulous they are. Scentsy is a marvelous wickless candle that uses a 25w bulb to warm the special Scentsy wax and releases the most incredible scents there are. No, really! Making them safe around children and pets because there is no open flame. Additionally, this makes them safe around forgetful peeps, such as myself. There are over eighty delicious scents and if you already love scented candles you will find the perfect scents for you and your family ~ for sure!! Here are two examples of random warmers. I love them both!

Why am I selling Scentsy?
1) for three years I haven't shut up about them
2)Can't get enough of them
3)I need some college funds for my children!
4)I am totally addicted to them...or did I already say that?

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