Friday, June 29, 2007

Head down and PEN down!

This is another component from one of my sample custom stationery packs created from my friend Rowan's artwork. Creating these stationery packs are so fun for me especially when I can take something totally abstract and ad a few simple elements to make funky creatures such as this gator face. Then I added flowers and ground cover by creating a pattern with some of Rowan's painting. These cards really did turn out fabulous!

I have been extremely busy with the many freelance projects. They are each so different and so exciting, I can't wait until they are completed and I can show them off! One of them is doggie for sure! I'm really savoring the process, I hope it's not getting tiresome for the project's creator! I can't help it, I'm really not sure anyone enjoys illustration, creation and design more than I possibly do! Another is a soothing babe to work on, pure bliss! And, another is Namely, fabulous and creative. Does that share enough information? Probably not, but I had to post something in my bloggie blog. It was beginning to snap at me when I surfed past it to read other blogs.

We have family visiting this week, we are so excited. Charlie's brother, wife and daughter are coming for a week. They are coming from Twin Falls, Idaho, and need to see the green life of Montana! We might even drive into the greener part of Idaho for a day float too. Which is one of my favorite things to do.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, your work is lovely, what a perfect name you chose for it as well. I have not delved with watercolor yet as I wasn't sure how far I would go with this. I was always a terrible sketch/drawer growing up but seem to be getting better with practice. Maybe that will be by next foray, I imagine it would soften the pictures a bunch and give a more romantic feel.

Alikins said...

everything is oh so charming! and i love this new piece!! very very very cool stuff here! :)