Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mineral Makeup Products

Crystal Astolfo of domalyminerals agreed to answer some questions about her mineral makeup products.

What products do you carry in your shop?

My products as of right now include mineral foundations, setting powders, bronzers, blushes and eye shadows. I am currently working on a mineral lip gloss to soon be added.

Can you share a favorite marketing idea?

Hmm, I would have to say that my favorite marketing is my friends and family. They are all so gossipy that I can’t make or do anything without every relative and neighbor knowing, this is how I first got started with my business.

How about a favorite advertising venture?

Not sure if this counts as an advertising venture, but my dad's company currently deals with quite a few of the hotels in our area. Some of the hotels have found out of my business (that’s where my gossipy family comes in), so I am in the process of creating an amenity line of bath and body products for the guest rooms. It is very exciting and by far my favorite so far.

Have you always been a "maker?" (someone who creates)

Before making cosmetics I had always baked desserts. I would watch the cooking shows on television and try to recreate all of those fancy desserts. Everyone once in a while I still cook, but mostly for family and parties.

What prompted you to start making your products?

I’ve bought and tried just about every cosmetic known and my skin disliked everyone of them. I had seen all of those commercials for mineral cosmetics and thought maybe I could make my own. So I started researching online and began mixing my own products. I gave samples to friends and family and they fell in love with my products and convinced me to start selling them.

What other activities do you enjoy?

Besides making cosmetics, I make bath and body products: lotions, sugar scrubs, body butters, soaps and more. Creating my own products helps relieves stress and gives me a sense of relaxation.

Were you parents creative?

Not so much, my mom was sort of creative, but more in the fact that she helped with art projects and cooked with me.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your products?

I love making my products and I take the time to make sure that my products are ones that everyone will love, I won’t sell a product that I myself wouldn’t use on an everyday basis.
How did you come up with your package designs or labels?The name for my products is for my two children. Dom if for my son Dominic and Aly is for my daughter Alyssa. As for my packaging style, I like simple designs so I wanted clear and black for my containers and a friend of mine drew the design for my labels.

Can you tell me, how you store your projects and supplies?

I store all of my finished products in a cabinet inside my home, all on shelves and in those storage drawers. All of my supplies are stored in my workspace in my garage, in cabinets and on shelves.
Do you work outside the home?

My two children are 3 and 4, I haven’t worked outside of the home since before they were born.

Painted toes or natural?

Definitely painted, my toes are always bright pink.

Crystal, thank you very much for sharing some about your mineral products. I look forward to updates and seeing more new items in your shop. Since we last spoke, Crystal has added so many new items such as eye shadows, foundations and setting powders. Please visit her shop and say hello with an Etsy convo! (make sure to join Etsy.com, it's a snap and you won't regret it!)

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Hi Mindy, i just posted about you. I am trying to decide which of your prints to order and I needed some help. I hope this sends even more business your way!!