Thursday, April 05, 2007


Being an illustrator and selling my work is extremely rewarding. To begin with creating something is number one and selling is just the bow on top of the gift. In using the word gift I'm intending that in the way that I feel like I have been given a present each time I can sit down and create something. It's an important-special time for me.

Then when a customer or client shares how they have used my artwork in their home or how someone else reacted when they received my work as a present. It's just thrilling!

Chris Kauffman recently shared a photo of one of my prints framed in her most beautiful home.

Chris is a mom, wife and a mother of two. She aspires to be an interior decorator and you'll see when you check out her blog that her home is beautiful and very well decorated. She'd make an exceptional interior decorator!

Here in her post newest pieces you'll find one of my prints titled Morphans framed perfectly!


Garden Painter Art said...

Hi Mindy:

I just saw your comment on my blog about the contest for the Prismacolors. I won't have the contest instructions up until Monday morning. I never know what I'll do for the contest until the night before!! Check back in Monday morning and the details will be up.

Thanks so much for stopping by:
Garden Painter Art

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wasn't that nice of her to send post a pic of your lovely art in action?!! Yeah!
Smile, Karen

Heidi said...

That's my sister's house where your lovely artwork is hanging!! I love it!

I'm a fellow etsy seller too. Nothin' like getting appreciated for the work you do. :-)