Tuesday, April 10, 2007

May I have your attention?

This is just a pump for folks aiming to get some attention for their blogs. Most of my traffic is coming from blogmad.net and blogexplosion, some comes from other blogs where I have posted and other blogs that have featured my work too. (yes, weeks after a feature I'm still getting traffic!) It is seemingly taking little effort to gain this attention, but it does take time. If you haven't checked into blogmad.net and blogexplosion do! You'll gain the most traffic by taking an estimated thirty minutes each wee by surfing blogs on within those sites. But, it works.


Happily Anonymous said...

I use blogmad and am pretty happy with it myself.

Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

Hi there, I got wind of your site via Chris Kauffman's blog site. I absolutely love your work! I may just have to look into it further. I am an interior decorator and home stager and have my own blog as well. Chris is my sister's best friend's sister and we apparently have lots in common! Looking forward to checking out your site further.

She-knits said...

Cool new print- I like it, and i see Beefees, the othe print you mentioned sold!! Congrats!!