Thursday, January 12, 2012

Twenty People Will Earn 25.00

Twenty People Will Earn 25.00 in Groovy Inclinations Store Credit!

What? Crazy talk. That's what this is!

How do I earn 25.00 in store credit?


1) Tweet something splendid about Groovy Inclinations.

2) Blab on Facebook or other networksite, or yap on a blog, etc: something tasty or engaging regarding Groovy Inclinations

3) Create an account on this website/register

4) Recommend or add to pinterest

5) Do at least two of these requests then...

6) Tell me about it! Be specific and give me the links if possible. Email:

Do at least two of these things and be one of the first 20 people and you will earn store credit (eventually, you will have to create an account to have actual credit)

...and more items are being added all of the time!

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