Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elizabeth Graf...enchantment

I must say I am enchanted with Elizabeth's work
Go on her some attention and visit her shoppie!
She is an outstanding story teller. I have to say, she' d make a fabulous children's illustrator as well. I could swoon over pages and pages of her bright and detailed creations. Elizabeth is one of my Vast members from Etsy. I'm very proud to have met her along with my other Vast members. Take a look at Elizabeth's work as well as some of our other member's work today when out surfing the world! As a team we are having a labor day weekend sale. Who knows, you may find something you cannot live without!


ElizabethGraf said...

Thank you Mindy for this lovely presentation and for your support of me! How clever that you recognized the part about children's book illustration and that I do love "telling a story"! Much appreciated, Elizabeth

chriskauf said...

Oh I know it has been so long , I was just at Etsy looking at your items, I never go there anymore, that place is addictive , thanks for stopping by and saying hello.
BTW I love your print that I bought it is wonderful , it makes me happy , I moved it right beside my bed and painted my walls dark brown and it goes so well in there.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Very lovely work from Elizabeth, and nice write up. She's so talented!