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i like to like things

I love Lori Koop's newsletter~ i like to like things

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What a Pair Circles and Squiggles Luminary Table Lamp by Mwilson

What a Pair Circles and Squiggles Luminary Table Lamp by Mwilson

What a Pair Circles and Squiggles Luminary Table Lamp Set

What a pair!

This set would accent perfectly in a mod atmosphere, a tween room or college dorm life.

The style of this lamp shade is created from my own illustrations and artwork. It's modern, great for minimalist settings, all young at heart. Blues, black, white, green are the main colors in this design. Fun and ultimately funky call it to a tee!
The little guy is 7.5" tall and 5" in diameter
The larger lamp is 12" tall and 6" in diameter

Cords are over 7' long each
Safety Suggestions (we all have to have them :)
Light bulb: 25 watt.
Do not leave in care of little ones.
Do not leave unattended.

The last image is actually one continuous image that is printed and each shade is cut from this one film.

Luminescent Turn Up The Heat Lamp by Mwilson on Etsy

Luminescent Turn Up The Heat Lamp by Mwilson on Etsy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Son C. Wilson Just taught himself this Nickelback song.

Sale Fifteen Dollars OFFJuicy Moot Supasized Print by Mwilson

Sale Fifteen Dollars OFFJuicy Moot Supasized Print by Mwilson

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Windeers on Canvas by Mwilson on Etsy

I'm thinking this will be one of my next shade designs. The colors are pleasing enough to pal well with so many interiors. Any ideas, send'em my way. I would love to hear my readers thoughts!

Windeers on Canvas by Mwilson on Etsy

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Interview with Susan Mulcaire Author of The Middle School Student's Guide to Ruling the World!

Not long ago I had the pleasure of visiting with Susan Mulcaire, the author of The Middle School Student's Guide to Ruling the World! I admire the work Susan has done and the action she took to improve her son's ability to succeed. Great work Susan!!

Can you give my readers a synopsis of your book?

The Middle School Student's Guide to Ruling the World! is a work habits, time management and organizational skills workbook for students in grades 6-8. Text, comics and graphics tell the stories of five "chronically disorganized" middle school students who encounter humorous, but typical situations as a result of their poor organizational skills. The reader follows along with the characters, to learn practical skills and strategies for being an organized middle school student. Some of the skills addressed are how to organize your binder, use a planner, manage a group project, use a rubric, remember your stuff every day, plan a long term project, etc.

What prompted the writing of your book, or when was the moment you said to yourself" "I don't care, I'm going to do it"

My son wasn't doing very well in 6th grade. There was no issue with his ability to learn. He was a GATE student. But, he was forgetting his homework, losing worksheets, not following directions, doing the wrong homework page, etc. I was tired of nagging him about it. One day, in the middle of the usual nag session, the look on his face told me that he wasn't being lazy or irresponsible—he just had no idea how to get organized. It occurred to me that if he didn't learn how to organize now, he could possibly underachieve for the rest of his academic life. I began looking for resources to help him. I searched far and wide, but found no age appropriate resource that dealt strictly with work habits, time management and organizational skills. At that time, I was still practicing law, and it turned out that practicing law and going to middle school are remarkably similar pursuits. So, I adapted my legal case management principles to his sixth grade work load and it worked!

How is being being a middle school student like being a lawyer?

Well, in both occupations there's a lot of information and paperwork to manage. Like attorneys, students have due dates, deadlines and directions which must be followed—to the letter. Binders must be organized a certain way, both need a reliable calendaring system, and project/case planning skills. A lawyer's work is reviewed a judge. A middle student also faces a judge: The teacher!

Did you use a traditional publisher?

Initially I sent out some inquiries, but I think the concept of using comics and middle school characters to teach organizational skills was a stretch for a traditional publisher. I received some interest, but after weighing the costs and benefits of working with a traditional publisher, I knew I'd be happier self publishing.

Who was your best support during the project?

My family. There are comics and dialogue in the book, so my three kids and their friends were always coming in and reading what I wrote that day and acting out the comics. They freely offered their opinions, of course, and would "translate" the dialogue for me so it sounded more authentic for middle school.

Has this project been fuel for other projects?

Yes. I created an Instructor's Guide with sixteen lesson plans and activities for teaching organizational skills, so the program has evolved into a full curriculum. My kids, their friends and I, recorded supplemental podcasts that bring the characters to life. I'm currently working on a sequel to The Middle School Student's Guide to Ruling the World! for learning basic study skills. I also now teach the course in the Irvine Public School's ACE program.

What has been the most rewarding part of the creation process?

It's more often a lack of organizational skills that trip up a middle school student, than a lack of traditional study skills, such as note taking and test preparation. Two major reports recently confirmed that failure at the middle level can have lasting and some times irreversible consequences, and that organizational skills are essential for academic success. It's rewarding to have written a curriculum that can help address some of these issues. The curriculum has sold all over the U.S. and even overseas. The books were recently added to the recommended book list for the Dallas Independent School District, and that acknowledgment was rewarding.

What has been the most rewarding part of the promotion process?

Meeting all sorts of interesting people! I speak at conferences, PTAs and attend exhibits. I meet teachers, parents, administrators, and after school directors. They are fun to talk to and compare notes.

Was there anything you wish you'd known about becoming an author prior to beginning the book?

That marketing is a huge part of being an author. You can always be doing something to market your product. I understand that even if an author publishes with a traditional publisher, they still have to do most of their own marketing and publicity. The education market is tough in this economy. For a small publisher, breaking into the education market is difficult because it is dominated by the big publishers. Fortunately, no other publisher has a similar product.

Was this something you could work on daily? What is your day job?

Running my company, Tween Publishing, is now a full time job. The education market is somewhat seasonal. It is busiest in the spring and summer, so I hire part time employees to help in the busy months. I also have those three kids! My oldest, the one that inspired the book, is off to college next year.

Have there been surprises?

Yes. I did not expect the program to evolve into a curriculum. I originally thought of it as kind of a handbook for disorganized tweens.

What came easy to you?

Not much, but If I had to pick one thing I would say -writing. Between the kids and other obligations, I didn't have big blocks of time to sit down and write. So I'd think and plan, and play with ideas in my head before I sat down to write anything. Usually sometime around 4 a.m. - in that twilight state between being asleep and awake, I could think about the topic I was tackling and formulate an outline. By the time I got the kids off to school and found some time to write, much of it was already in my head.

Two 8.5 x 11 prints for 27.00!

It's a sale!!

For a limited time, I have marked some items down, there are some things that need to leave the nest!

My 8.5 x 11 prints are on Sale two for 27.00. This is simple, make your purchase and I'll adjust your invoice and you pay from that or I'll refund you! This is a savings of 8.00! What a deal! The Poplar print is not included in this deal.

And, I have three little birds that are sold at 12.50 each if you purchase two, they are currently sold at 20.00 for the pair and 30.00 for all three!! Woo hoo, who doesn't like a sale!

Get all three Birdie prints for Big Savings

Get all three Birdie prints for 3000 Girl Next DoorBlue by Mwilson
This listing is for all my fat bubbly birdies in a set. You'll get three images for 30.00 or two for 20.00. This is a limited time sale because I need to reduce my inventory.

The richness of the colors is best viewed in person. This was a hand drawn pen illustration, colored with the aid of my graphic program. It is printed on a special transparent paper that lends a luminous quality to this Girl Next Door. Her deep rosy colors would compliment many color schemes in a home or office.

The print is approximately 7 x 8 printed on 8.5 x 11 paper. When framing it would be best if it was mounted on white board or paper to really give the image punch.

This would make a fine gift of whimsy.

Marked 20.00 off SALE Ready to ship 200 Window Lamp by Mwilson

Yep, even this beautiful shade is Marked twenty dollars off it's original price, it is beautiful!

Ready to ship! A large Duratrans shade which is 18" in diameter and 12" tall. This listing is for the shade only. The repeated window is from my print Two Hundred: The lamps shade style would work great in any woodland setting, for men, anyone desiring retro, camp/lodge, retro cabin styles and antique or shabby chic with a twist. The trim on this shade is a deep brown 1.5" wide and velvet. Each additional shade's trim will vary from shade to shade but promises to coordinate beautifully.

I have been working on large drum shades for quite sometime. I'm thrilled to offer this one and would love suggestions for other designs.

The colors are amazing...deep browns, an mustard ribbon of color above and below the windows, soft aquas and greens, pale yellow. The last image shows the digital file.

Marked 2000 off SALE Ready to ship 200 Window Lamp by Mwilson

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Sale Morphee Large 16 x 16 Canvas Print by Mwilson on Etsy

This was a huge hit at a recent show I had and it was difficult to keep in stock! Currently marked twenty dollars off, I must get rid of some of my inventory. Sale Morphee Large 16 x 16 Canvas Print by Mwilson on Etsy

Sale Twenty Dollars OFF Two Hundred Large Sized Print by Mwilson

What a great image and an even better sale! Check it out now! Sale Twenty Dollars OFF Two Hundred Large Sized Print by Mwilson

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Every Day Life With Five Daughters

My Beef's Bloggie, OMGEE...what a hoot!

Interview the Yvonne N. Pierre author of The Day My Soul Cried

Yvonne Pierre’s journey from the depths of despair to an awakening of soul and spirit -has been a long and difficult one.
From sexual abuse, excessive drinking, failing in school, having a child while still a teenager, unable to get a job, having a second child with Down syndrome, gaining excessive weight and allowing herself to no longer care about how she looked – the painful pattern of all types of abuse seemed endless. Until one day, when Yvonne’s soul cried. She began to see that how she perceived her life and the attitudes she had, were crippling her as much as all her bad habits and the ugly things that happened to her. The realization that through forgiveness of others and most importantly, herself, would prove to be her path to new confidence, new attitude, a joy and love of life and God, and a profound hope that by sharing her story, others may find the courage and strength to do what Yvonne has done.

What prompted the writing of your book, or when was the moment you said to yourself” “I don’t care, I’m going to do it”
Mindy, there were so many times when I said this is the year. Like every New Year’s Eve when midnight strikes we say, “This is the year. I’m going to accomplish my dreams and goals this year.” I think every year, that was my resolution to go after my dreams. This year, I said, I’m not going to say it, I’m just going to do it. I needed to overcome my fears. What I realized is that the fear didn’t completely leave; I had to learn how to press forward in spite of the being afraid. This actually is where the idea for “The Day My Soul Cried” came from – figuring out why I was standing in my own way.

Did you use a traditional publisher?
Initially, I wanted to go with a traditional publisher. When I was trying to get the self-help book, Phoqus published, I went to a publisher and because I was a “no name” writer, he wanted me to remove some elements from the book and add elements he thought was a better idea. By the time he finished telling me what to take out and add it was his vision, not mine. So, I politely turned down the deal. One of the elements he wanted me to take out the book was me. He said no one would be interested in my story. I decided to study the industry and start my own independent publishing, but I placed it on hold to focus on spreading positive special needs awareness. Now, I’m pulling it all together.

Who was your best support during the project?
In addition to God, my support system has been Steffan (my significant other) and our sons – Zyair 17 and Zyon 8.

Has this project been fuel for other projects?
I think so. While developing this project, I’ve learned so much mostly about myself. Prior to doing this project and during the process of developing this project I’ve accomplished things that I had no idea that I could. Ironically, writing was one of them. In the book, I talk more about it, but one of my greatest challenges in school was reading and writing. I failed the basic entry exam for community college. Writing a book was something I NEVER thought I’d do. I’m still shocked. But to answer the question, yes. This project has giving me a new confidence to write more books and eventually publish other authors.

What has been the most rewarding part of the creation process?
I think the most rewarding part of this process is the new found confidence in my work.

What has been the most rewarding part of the promotion process?
Mindy, I absolutely love the interviews on radio, blogs, and magazine. I love connecting to the audience in hopes that someone, even if only one person is inspired by my story.

Was there anything you wish you’d known about becoming an author prior to beginning the book?
No, there were no surprises because prior to launching the book I learned as much as I can about the publishing industry. I researched online and talked to other authors about what to expect not just about the process, but also from the public, interviews, and more. I didn’t expect everything to go smoothly, but I was prepared for the surprises.

Have there been surprises?
The biggest surprise for me was the feedback; I did not expect the response that I received.

Was this something you could work on daily?
I think you have to even if it’s just for a couple hours a day, especially if you own the publishing company. There’s a lot more to publishing a book than writing it, it’s a business.

What came easy to you?
The easiest part for me was the creative and business process of developing the book and the publishing company.

Yvonne Pierre is a devoted mom of two boys, ages 17 and 8. Before becoming a mother, Yvonne always had a passion for developing works in the entertainment industry – film, books, and projects – that empower others. After her youngest son was born and was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, she redirected her attention and primary efforts toward the special needs community. She is in the process of developing new projects that will empower the special needs community here and abroad. Yvonne is the founder of Have Ya Heard (HYH), an online community and e-magazine whose primary focus is to highlights the accomplishments of those with special needs. She is the founder of a publishing company, Zyonair’s Unlimited, LLC named after her two sons.

Yvonne holds two associate degrees in Accounting and Business Management, a BSBA in Marketing, and currently working on her Executive MBA.

In addition, Yvonne is also a radio personality on her own show – The Yvonne Pierre Show – hosted on BlogTalkRadio. It’s an on-demand talk radio show dedicated to informing and inspiring listeners on topics ranging from self-improvement to parenting a special needs child.

Yvonne Pierre is a momtrepreneur, postgraduate student, advocate, on-air personality, and now author of The Day My Soul Cried. Yvonne currently resides in Metro Atlanta with Steffan, her significant other of 11-years and two sons, Zyair and Zyon.

The Day My Soul Cried is also available at Amazon.

Thank you so much Yvonne for taking time to visit with me, I hope you have great success in your book writing adventures. For someone to use turn their life around in such a positive way such as what you have done, you must look back and know you have the power to do anything you want. Great job! You have achieved a beautiful success in your life~ congratulations!