Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet Author K. M. Groshek

Recently, I had the opportunity to get to know Kim Groshek, she is a beautiful, creative and driven woman. I asked her a few questions about her book release Bug's Trip to The Store and I'm so glad she could share some time with me enabling my readers to get to know her somewhat too!

What prompted you to write the book?
I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book since i was little. I almost forgot about it for many years, it would come up in conversations during the past over 26 years, then two years ago, I set a goal to run a half marathon in 25 states. Through the journey accomplishing this goal (in 2 years) I attended a writing workshop in Colorado, which helped me realize that I could write creatively. I have 6 professional technical articles published, for my career but that is much different. So, during my travels, I journaled and an idea hit me on my way to Vermont. This is when I wrote my first draft of the first book in the series. From there I illustrated and refined the draft several times. I knew this was going to be good when, after my half marathon, eating my fresh soup in a restaurant overlooking Lake Champlain, I read my draft to an 8 year old and ask him to give me his honest opinion, if I read my manuscript to him. I watched as I read my book to him and he was very intent and listening, absorbing every word. After I was done reading it, he nodded profusely, saying he really liked it. So, then I followed the rest of the publishing process as other authors/illustrators do.
Were you able to have insight to illustrator or illustrations used?
Yes, I have an art background. It was something I went to school in college for a short while over 20 years ago. I basically put my art on the back burner since then, doing many craft type projects (selling things at craft shows and so on, but that was the extent). I brought my art out again this past year, because it was time. Yes, I illustrated my book, I used magic marker, then transferred into Photoshop and did the rest in Photoshop.

What is your favorite part of the book?
Favorite part of the book, really all of it, since the bug character, is really coming alive from my imagination. That is the neat part about it! I do have a picture that is really cool, I’ll see If I can attach it so you can see how that rings true in the picture.

Are you working on other projects involving writing?

Other projects, yes, I have 2 more books in the works, the 2nd book, called Bug meets his friend is going to be published in Feb and the 3rd book Bug goes through the maze is all illustrated, I am working on the manuscript as we speak. I also have a fire prevention series, called Floyd the Fire Truck series, which I am presenting to the insurance industry in January, which will include an online book and some games. I am also starting to kick off writing a Y/A novel, ideas are being kicked around, not sure if this will be a series or one book. I plan on working on the Y/A project during 2010. This will be my main focus besides traveling for promoting my book.

Kim's Message
: I feel the message in my book is a good one and that is important to me to help readers learn perseverance, determination and resiliency will help them overcome any obstacle. Staying strong and being creative in the process.

Closing:I'd like to ask my readers to go to their local library and ask for Bug's Trip to the Store by K.M. Groshek, let's help her get the word out and her book in more libraries!
Please visit Kim's site's to get to know her further along with two new covers for upcoming books, which can also be pre-ordered!
Blog: http://www.kgroshek.blogspot.com
Facebook author page: http://www.facebook.com/kmgroshek

Monday, December 28, 2009

Now taking Canadian Shoppers!

I'd like to welcome my Canadian Shoppers to my Scentsy Site! Shopping for Scentsy recently opened up to the Canadian market and I'm glad to now offer the Scentsy shopping experience to my neighboring Canadians!!

Excited for my new molds--Scentsy and Berry Blush Meltdown!

As you can see the new warmer for January has an adorable design, perfect for any tween and also Valentine's Day! If you purchase the warmer during January you'll get a 10% discount! It's just enough that you can spend that savings on an extra bar of Scentsy wax!

I had ordered new molds to create my Scentsy samples of Berry Blush>>> (January's new Scentsy scent) I'm hoping they'll be here so I can begin the meltdown on Thursday! Woo hoo! I got a note they've been shipped, so we'll see! Scentsy is a new company, just celebrating five wonderful years of business. Now is the best time to become a consultant! There are so many areas where the product needs featuring and that's were you can play the part, earn an income selling an amazing product that so many people love!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm planning a meltdown!

The brand new scent for Scentsy is Berry Blush and wow is it delicious! Warm, and somehow tropical and mouthwatering! If you are living in the USA please send me an email if you'd like a sample! mwilsonatblackfoot.net I ask for your mailing address to send you a sample in the next two weeks good for the next twenty requests!! New featured scents are sold at a 10% discount during their debut month. Make sure to sign up for my monthly Scentsy newsletter to be the first to learn of new warmer designs and new scents!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

18" Two hundred Shade

I had this shade (on another elk lamp that my husband made me) at a local Christmas Bazaar a couple of weeks ago. What a hit! Wow, I had endless comments on it's unique style and beauty! I was really fortunate to have power in the middle of the gym! I felt like a queen with my little power inverter! Just a note about my lamp shades. I can create a shade design from any of my art...or from yours or your children's art for that matter~ just contact me for details!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thinking of Selling Scentsy?

I'll tell you two reasons I'm selling Scentsy I love the products-L* O * V * E them. And, I could easily see that I'd soon need additional income for my children and their college funds. I have a few years before their headed there and I have some other resources. Regardless, I felt like I was far behind in my endeavor. I can say I'm pleasantly surprised with the savings and it continues to grow--quickly! So, if I have to say if you are considering selling a product for much of the same reason as mine~do it! It's easy to join just go to my website: and click on Join! You will be given everything you need to start your business and I'll be there along with my team to help along the way! Any questions you have will be answered and you be soon be proud belonging to such a great company...eventually meeting your financial goals!

Have you tried Scentsy? These wick-less candles are affordable, long, long lasting too. When you are tired of a scent turn the warmer off...when you need a change warm the scent and pour it back into it's original container and try another! (Re-use or toss or save your old scent for fire starter!) The warmer designs are so fun and beautiful, you'll find one for every corner of your home! And the scents are simply delicious, with over eighty different scents there is a collection for each and every nose!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Morphans In Flight Behold Peridot

Morphans here have their eye upon this periodot ring and it's warming olivine qualities. Behold oh sweet peridot. I used a heavy textile pattern (much like tweed and crosshatch) in the background, warm gold berries in contrast with the white berries and birds n' tracks. Peridot colored ring is surrounded with shades of ruby and topaz.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Order In Time For Christmas!

Yes, there is still time to order Scentsy for your sister, mom, co-workers for Christmas! Check it out! One plug-in warmer and one bar is 20.00!

The Year In A View-My 2010 Wall Calendar

Here is my new 2010 Calendar~ I don't have too many new items in my shop. But, this is one. I have combined many of my images into one pleasing arrangement to surround the calendar. It's 16 x 20 printed on matte finish paper. Ready to ship~ check it out!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh so Bazaar

A friend of mine will be taking my Scentsy and my artwork out of town to a Bazaar. So, I have been busy on my birthday packing up all of my products for her to do so. I'm really excited and she's so kind to offer doing this for me. I am glad that I can take credit/debit cards too-making the whole thing easier for shoppers.

Another little Scentsy Note~

I love candles, but some I just cannot smell when they are lit. Perhaps after having them burning for the day...I smell something faint~ then when I blow them out the entire room gets filled with a black cloud of smoke....thoroughly un-doing what I'd set out to do: Create a lovely scent in my room. That's another couple of reasons why I chose Scentsy. Minutes after turning on any one of my warmers I smell the scent I've chosen to us. Currenty: Honey Pear Cider hits the spot! When I go to leave, I turn off my warmer and no big black cloud. I still smell the fabulous scent!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorite Scents?

Okay...so today....what are my favorite scents?
Wow, so many to choose from!

Camu Camu (tropical...sweet fresh)
Enchanted Mist (bit of pear and apple)
Honey Pear Cider (yeah, just like that!)

Scentsy! My Newest Love and Venue

Have you heard of Scentsy? If not I need to tell you how fabulous they are. Scentsy is a marvelous wickless candle that uses a 25w bulb to warm the special Scentsy wax and releases the most incredible scents there are. No, really! Making them safe around children and pets because there is no open flame. Additionally, this makes them safe around forgetful peeps, such as myself. There are over eighty delicious scents and if you already love scented candles you will find the perfect scents for you and your family ~ for sure!! Here are two examples of random warmers. I love them both!

Why am I selling Scentsy?
1) for three years I haven't shut up about them
2)Can't get enough of them
3)I need some college funds for my children!
4)I am totally addicted to them...or did I already say that?

Wow, Holy Abandonment!

Abandonment –verb (used with object)
to leave completely and finally; forsake utterly; desert: to abandon one's farm; to abandon a child; to abandon a sinking ship.

Yikes~ this is me! But, I'm starting up again folks!